Movo CRC03 Extra-Long Waterproof Rain Coat for DSLR Camera, Lens & Tripod (Metallic Gray)

$ 19.95

Product Details

Movo CRC03 Water Resistant Nylon Rain Cover

The Movo CRC03 rain cover protects your camera and lenses from the worst the weather has to offer without stopping you from getting great photos.

Rain, snow and other inclement weather unavoidable on some assignments. This full-sized, nylon rain cover ensures your camera, lens and tripod set up are protected .

Certified waterproof material ensures that no precipitation penetrates the camera space, while the large window panel on the back of the rain cover gives you an unobscured look at your camera settings and controls. Quick-action cinch bands securely fasten the rain cover to your camera, and make set up fast and easy.

Protected by Movo Photo's One Year Manufacturer Warranty. Our USA-based support team provides fast and friendly customer service.

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