Movo Releases Smartphone-Centric Wireless Lavalier Microphone Systems for the Content Creation Community

Top content creation equipment provider introduces the EDGE wireless mics for smartphones

 LOS ANGELES, CA -- October 12, 2019 -

 Movo, a global leader in photography, videography and audio solutions for content creators, announces the EDGE Series of Wireless Lavalier Microphone Systems for Smartphones and tablets.

 The Movo EDGE series is comprised of 4 different, high-quality, universal wireless lavalier microphone systems designed specifically for use with smartphones, both iOS and Android. Each system delivers a powerful and compact wireless audio capture solution including a smartphone receiver, transmitter and lavalier microphone; single or dual lavalier configuration.

The EDGE’s wireless receiver features a unique, battery-free design that attaches directly to the smartphone, recording directly from the smartphone’s Lightning or USB-C port; eliminating bulky power packs and loose connectors. The EDGE’s omni-directional lavalier microphone captures distortion-free audio, minimizing environmental, while the 2.4GHz transmitter captures clean wireless audio up to 200ft, powered by two AAA batteries with 6 hours of operation. 

Movo EDGE Wireless Lavalier Microphone Systems includes:

Movo EDGE Wireless Lavalier System configurations:

“The EDGE is one of those products that are just perfect for the content creation community, between innovation, convenience and performance,” said Ben Halberstam, CEO of Movo.

About Movo:

Movo is the leading designer and manufacturer of photography, videography and audio equipment solutions for the content creation community. Based on innovative concepts, highly-accessible solutions, and premium quality, Movo has built a worldwide reputation as the content creator’s brand, from the filmmaker and vlogger to the photographer and podcaster, and beyond. Launched in 2014, Movo was built on the premise that premium photo/video products should be accessible to all content creators in order to advance the creative community.

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