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TRS to XLR Adapter


This adapter allows you connect any 3.5mm TRS cable to an XLR input.

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  • Allows you to connect your standard TRS (3-pole) 3.5mm microphone connector to a standard 3-pin XLR jack on your camcorder, recorder, mixer, etc
  • Converts 12-48V Phantom Power (XLR/Male) to 3-5V Plug-in Power (3.5mm/Female)
  • Features a 3.5mm TRS Female Jack & a Standard 3-pin Male XLR Connector
  • Durable Aluminum Construction, Compact & Lightweight, Gold-plated shielded connectors for interference-free signal transfer
  • 1-Year Warranty with support based in the U.S.A.
With the Movo F-XLR-PRO adapter, you can now convert a 3.5mm minijack to a 3 pin XLR, while also converting a 12-48V Phantom Power Signal to 3-5V Plug-in Power. This is a great for hooking up your on-camera microphone to your studio gear such as a mixer or recorder. The F-XLR-PRO is constructed from aluminum to maximize durability and the connectors are gold-plated to ensure and interference free signal transfer.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Storm K.

It does in fact work as described and is fairly compact.

Julio M.

Movo FXLR-PRO 3.5mm (TRS) Mini-Jack Female to 3-pin XLR Male Adapter with Integrated Phantom Power Converter

The price is right!

The price is right! This is a very handy product that should be in every sound guy and video/photo guy's toolbox or bag. It is a great idea, and well manufactured product. Thanks for making this!