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Take your smartphone videos to the next level with a complete creator's video kit, including phone rig and microphone.

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  • Smartphone grip with wrist strap
  • VXR10 Mini Shotgun Microphone
  • 1-Year Warranty
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Christine D.
It's not working

I had to buy an adapter for my Android phone so the microphone would work but the microphone is still not working. The handle is too short and I have small hands.

Michael L.

Great product. I'm enjoying vloggig.. with this great rig.

Al R.
Perfect easy step up!

Don't waste your money on those floating expensive iPhone holders. This works just fine. Phone , mic, even lighting adapter if you need it. Don't forget the trrs cable to lightning adapter.

Jose V.
Amazing microphone

Perfect for vedio and audio recording. Small but powerful.

Eddie J.
Smart phone recording kid

Smart phone recording kid

Meryl R.
Great Service and Product

I purchased this mic set as a gift for my brother to be delivered at his apartment, so I worked closely with customer service to ensure a safe, successful delivery. I whole-heartedly recommend MOVO as an excellent source for all things audio-visual. Their customer service team members went above and beyond in their responsiveness and graciousness. The mic and rig arrived safely, and my brother and his wife are super excited to use them. For my part, I cannot wait to see and hear their next video of my baby nephew!

sam j.

Movo PR-2-PM Smartphone Video Kit

Walter P.

This device is perfect for filming and live shoots you will enjoy its flexibility !!!!

Donald Y.
I like it!!!

Impressed with sound quality from the microphone.
The adjustable clamp for the phone is easy to use and when properly adjusted will hold your phone securely. I like the multiple 1/4" inserts for accessories. I wish Movo had made the bottom grip an inch to inch and half longer for people with big hands like me. If you shoot video with your phone, this is a must have.

Donna L.G.
iPhone mic

It works good and liked the fact it came with the brackets and everything that was needed to use it on tripod.


  • Smartphone grip with wrist strap
  • VXR10 Mini Shotgun Microphone
  • 1-Year Warranty

Movo PR-2-PM Smartphone Video Kit

Say goodbye to complicated, expensive filming setups. This smartphone kit effortlessly levels up your video, whether you’re starting a YouTube channel, doing an interview, or off capturing your latest travels.

The PR-2-PM is compact and lightweight, making it ideal for any on-the-go creator. Vloggers, journalists, livestreamers, and mobile filmmakers all love it. It’s also great for anyone who just wants to improve the quality of their home videos with family and friends.

Why it’s so good: this kit will improve your video - but the real boost will be in your sound. The included VXR10 microphone significantly improves your audio, delivering clean, crisp audio while blocking out peripheral environmental noise.

In depth overview of the
Movo PR-2-PM Smartphone Video Kit

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Let’s get real. While our smartphones now typically can capture some high-quality video, they weren’t ergonomically designed to be used as a video camera. Enter the PR-2-PM, a total game-changer in mobile video recording. This smartphone video kit gives you the compact rig you need to get steady shots and the microphone necessary to capture quality audio.

This rig can be used with smartphones that are between 2.2 and 3.6 inches wide. The knob on the top twists to loosen or tighten the clamp down securely on your smartphone. Once tightened down, you can hold onto the padded grip, which will give you a more stable shot than just holding the phone itself. There is also a wrist strap that comes included, which I use to give myself added security for when I have those clumsy moments. Both the grip and strap can be removed from the clamp piece by merely unscrewing the grip.

When it comes to my gear, it is pretty regular that I will combine various pieces. That’s where the three 1/4 inch threads come in super handy. With one on the top, bottom, and on the back, I can attach tons of different accessories or even attach the PR-2-PM to a larger rig. With the level that is on the clamp, I often use this rig as a way to mount my phone to a tripod and get more level shots.

The top of the rig also features a shoe mount, allowing me to mount even more accessories to the PR-2-PM, such as the VXR10 Shotgun Microphone that comes included with this kit. The VXR10 is a cardioid microphone that focuses on audio primarily in front of it, while reducing background noise. The included shock mount will also help to minimize handling noise. The microphone will take your smartphone videos to the next level with higher quality audio as compared to your phone’s onboard mic.

The VXR10 is excellent as part of this kit, but you can also use it with your DSLR cameras and camcorders. Universal compatibility is a big bonus of this kit. There’s nothing more annoying about a new piece of gear that only works for one particular scenario. While the PR-2-PM is specifically designed as a smartphone video kit, almost all of its components can be used with the existing gear that you have as well as future gear that you may add to your arsenal. This is one kit I am constantly using and make sure to keep in my gear bag.


Compact Design

Lightweight and easy to pack - the perfect kit for the on-the-go vlogger, mobile filmmaker, journalist, or traveler.

Universal Cardioid Microphone

The VXR10 microphone delivers high-quality audio and is compatible with all smartphones, DSLRs, tablets, audio recorders and more.

Sturdy and Durable Support

The PR-1 grip is built from durable aluminum to give your phone the support it needs when shooting videos.


Grip Specifications:

Construction: Aluminum, ABS Plastic, Rubber
Components/Features: Adjustable Phone Clamp, Padded Grip Handle, Wrist Strap, Bubble Level, Cable Holder Slot (x2), Cold Shoe Mount, 1/4" Thread (x3)
Minimum Phone Height: 2.24" (5.7cm)
Maximum Phone Height: 3.8" (9.7cm)
Dimensions: 5" x 2" x 1" (12.7 x 5 x 2.5cm)
Weight: 5.8 oz (164g)

Microphone Specifications:

Polar Pattern: Cardioid
Frequency Response: 35 Hz to 18 kHz, +/-3dB
Sensitivity: -42dB +/- 1dB/0dB=1V/Pa, 1kHz
Signal to Noise Ratio: 76dB
Output Connectors: 3.5mm TRSMini-Jack (for Cameras, Recorders & Camcorders); 3.5,, TRRS (for Smartphones, Tablets, & Mac)
Power Requirements: No Battery Required
Dimensions: (LxD): 0.86 x 3.2" (2.2 x 8.1cm)
Weight: 3 oz (86g)

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