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The Best USB Microphone

by Ben Gerstein October 30, 2020 2 min read

The Best USB Microphone

USB microphones are a great choice to use with any computer thanks to their universal compatibility. Whether you’re using a desktop or laptop, PC or Mac, almost every device has at least one USB port. Musicians, filmmakers, podcasters, streamers, and creators of every stripe can take their content to the next level with great sound, and there’s a microphone for every occasion and situation.

That being said, few things are worse than having to listen to terrible audio from a cheap USB microphone. Whether you’re gaming with friends or recording voiceovers for a video, bad sound quality can ruin your day. We at Movo want you to know that there’s no reason to settle for a mediocre mic; this handy guide will help you discover the best USB microphones for any setup.

USB Microphone for Podcasts - UM700

The UM700 is hands-down the best USB microphone for podcasting. Intuitive plug-and-play design means that this USB condenser microphone requires no drivers or installations to start recording. The host of controls, including polar pattern select, gain and volume control, and a mute function make this desktop mic ideal for recording music and voiceovers as well. 

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USB Microphone for Gaming - HSM-1

The HSM-1 has the best USB microphone for gaming. The easy-to-use interface lets you pay attention to gameplay and sending callouts to your friends in the middle of a match, while its USB headset microphone captures livestream-ready audio that’ll make sure your followers can follow all of the action.

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USB-C Microphone for Video - uLav

If you’re looking for a small USB microphone, the Movo uLav is the perfect solution for discreetly capturing audio while being filmed. Whether you’re recording actors in a movie or reporting live news, this USB C microphone makes audio capture on Android devices a breeze. To capture two subjects at once, check out theuLav-DUO, or theiLav if you’d rather use an iOS device. 

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USB Microphone for Video Conferencing - MC1000

Sometimes you need to get the whole room on the line, and the MC1000 is the best budget USB microphone for conference calls. Its powerful, super cardioid condenser captures 180 degree audio in a 20 foot radius. While the MC1000 is built for group calls, it’s also a good USB microphone for personal use - you’ll free up valuable desk space thanks to its low-profile design. 

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