Movo Guide to Recording Audio Outside of a Studio

May 17, 2021 3 min read

Guide to Recording Audio Outside of a Studio | Movo Photo

Many creatives are known for their resourcefulness and ingenuity, often finding a way to make do with what they have. Even if you don’t have access to a studio, there’s nothing stopping you from recording a podcast, a vlog, or music with decent sound quality, too, especially if you are a Youtube singer recording outside a studio. So when it comes to sharing your world with others, you shouldn’t let your environment be a limit. Instead, you should work with it because you end up telling a story that’s more lively and authentic.

Of course, recording outside a planned space like a studio has its disadvantages as well. You have different elements to contend with and need to prioritize portability when it comes to your recording equipment. But if there’s one thing that can make things a lot easier for you in this endeavor, it’s finding a good wireless microphone that will capture crisp and clear sound.



The distance between yourself and the subject whose audio you want to capture will largely depend on the kind of wireless microphone that you get. If you’re specifically looking for a long range wireless microphone system, those with lavalier mics are your best bet. Lavalier microphones can capture sounds from as far away as 300 feet while allowing the user to move around freely while filming. The Movo WMIC70 and WMIC80 allow you to do both without compromising audio quality. On the other hand, wireless headset microphones are better if a live monitoring function is a priority. 

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Wireless Vlogging Microphones

Get high-quality audio conveniently with the right cordless microphone for your vlogging setup. It can record better quality compared to the built-in mic on your phone or camera and the recorded sound will be much easier to edit in post. You can purchase a separate mic that you can clip onto your shirt or opt for a complete filming rig that already includes a microphone like the Movo Smartphone Video Kit V7 so you’re ready to film.

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Movo Wireless Smartphone Microphones

With the camera quality in smartphones continually getting better over the past few years, more content creators are now using their phones to film. After all, phones are easier to carry around and uploads are much quicker. However, the built-in microphones in many smartphones still aren’t quite as capable of recording quality audio. You can improve your video sound using our range of wireless microphones that are compatible with smartphones. The Movo VXR10 and MA2010 are microphones that plug directly into your phone so you can use it for filmmaking, vlogging, and podcasting.

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Setting Up a Wireless Microphone System

A wireless microphone system provides content creators with freedom and mobility, making it a worthwhile investment. However, creators should take into consideration the mic’s battery life so they can include chargers and spare batteries in their audio recording kit. The wireless microphone may include transmitters, windscreens, TRS and TRRS cables, and hard carrying case, depending on its make and model. Since putting together a working setup for a wireless microphone can be tricky for newbies, make sure to read the instruction manual to do it properly.

Whether you’re filming a vlog, a movie, or an event, Movo has the right wireless microphone for your needs. Our products are designed to be compatible with a plethora of cameras and smart devices.

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