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How To Set Up Multiple Microphones For a Podcast

June 14, 2021 3 min read

How To Set Up Multiple Microphones For a Podcast | Movo Photo

There are few endeavors that are as fun and as rewarding as starting a podcast with your loved ones. After all, having a co-host can make podcast episodes more interesting for people to listen to because of the banter, funny asides, and chemistry between the hosts. However, figuring out how to properly set up the podcast equipment for in-studio recording can be tricky if there is more than one person speaking. Since you’ll need multiple microphones, you also need to know how to set up the rest of your gear around it. 

Fortunately, the advancements in podcast tools and gear have made it possible to pull this off. You don’t even need to invest in a whole new setup to do it either. 

Record With XLR Mics Instead

Many solo podcasters like the simplicity of USB podcast microphones, but using 2 or more in the same setup isn’t always a good idea. A better solution for setups with multiple mics includes switching to XLR mics or using a mix of USB and XLR mics for optimal audio recordings. Compared to USB mics, you can do more with XLR mics because of their versatility and capabilities. For the best customizability, opt for an XLR mic with adjustable patterns like the Movo VSM-7 so you and your co-host can really tweak your setup to your needs.

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Give Everyone a Microphone for Podcasting

If you really want your podcast to sound nice and have more control over the sound quality, it’s best that each person has their own mic to record with. Ideally, something with an XLR connection would be the best podcast microphone for a setup with two or more people. You and your co-hosts can invest in a nice bundle like the Movo Zoom H4n AB+x2 PCM6+TMC3+PF6 since it has two XLR mics and other important podcast equipment.

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Invest In A Good Multi-Channel Mixer

While your smartphone or laptop can capture fairly decent sound by themselves, these devices are better suited for remote podcast recording instead. When you’re recording multiple people in one place, you’ll need a mixer with a lot of channels to enhance your sound. That way, you can ensure that your audio already sounds clear and whole from the get go so you can spend less time editing the recording on your laptop afterward. Mixers with two channels, like the Movo AM 100, will allow you and your co-host to record using two mics in the same place.

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Use A Digital Recorder

While a mixer can dramatically improve sound quality when using your computer to record, it’s better to use a digital recorder for interviews and conversations. A digital recorder allows you and your co-host to record on individual audio tracks while using different microphones for podcasting. You also have the option to record in a studio or do it outdoors too. 

Using a digital recording with your XLR mics is a convenient way to get exceptional sound quality in your recordings without using a ton of equipment. Additionally, using a digital recorder like the Movo Zoom-H4N-PRO gives you greater flexibility when it comes to where you’re going to record your podcast.

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