Movo's 2022 Holiday Gift Guide: Videographers

December 16, 2022 2 min read

This holiday season, we've made it our mission at Movo to help you get the perfect gifts for the creator in your life.  

We've already published our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide, featuring all of our favorite gifts for content creators, vloggers, podcasters, music producers, anyone with a creative streak who need top quality gear. We wanted to highlight a few things that we especially love, so we're taking some time to highlight these favorites in a series of blog posts. 

In our last episode... we covered some great gifts for content creators, and in this blog we're going to highlight some of our top gifts for videographers. 

We pride ourselves on making products that appeal to beginners and pros alike. We try to design products that are professional-grade and would pass muster with the most seasoned veterans, but that fit right in the budget of a new creator (or your holiday shopping list budget...)

So without further ado, here around the best gifts for videographers this holiday season:

Gifts for Videographers:

If you’ve got a videographer or a photographer to buy a gift for this holiday season, we’ve got just the gear for them. 


The Movo VXR10 is one of our all-time bestsellers and has been a fan favorite among pro and amateur videographers alike.  Simple, intuitive and great-sounding, you can use the VXR10 with any mirrorless camera or a smartphone.


WMX-2 Wireless System

The WMX-2 series is our next generation wireless system, giving you professional audio with a compact transmitter with integrated lavalier microphone capsule.  Perfect for pros and hobbyist video shooters alike, the WMX-2 makes a fantastic gift.

MA5L Lightning Microphone

The MA5L iPhone Mini Mic is perfect for video shooters who like to be able to capture high quality video on-the-go with their iPhone, but need a solution to capture better audio. This tiny mic features a professional quality capsule, plugs right into your iPhone, and fits in right your pocket. (For videographers who use an Android or other USB-C smartphone or a 3.5mm device to shoot, check out the MA5C and MA5CA.)

So there you have it, some great options for ever video shooter on your list this year. 

Wish you happy holidays and a creative new year!