How to Use a Vlogging Kit for iPhone

June 14, 2021 3 min read

How to Use a Vlogging Kit for iPhone | Movo Photo

Do you want to start a vlog, but feel like you still lack the equipment to make anything that’s worth watching? It’s easy to feel intimidated by all the fancy gear your favorite vloggers use, but that doesn’t mean those are your only options. If you own an iPhone, you already have a good vlogging camera at your disposal. It’s only a matter of buying the extra tools that can improve and enhance what your smartphone can do. 

Luckily, you can easily find a wide range of vlogging kits at different price points that already include everything you need to create a working iPhone vlogging setup. Read on to learn more about them and how to go about using one.

Why You Need a Vlogging Kit for iPhone

Perhaps the greatest benefit that an iPhone vlogging kit has to offer is that you can simultaneously improve the lighting, sound quality, and video quality of your vlogs. This is convenient when you’re still new to vlogging because most of the gear you’ll need is already in one bundle. You can start creating high-quality vlogs without excessively researching about and individually buying all the equipment you need. Depending on the vlogging kit you end up choosing, you may only need to mount your iPhone onto the grip, plug in your mic and light, and hit record.

Doing away with complicated vlogging setups also makes it easy to upgrade your gear in the future. You get a clearer idea of what your needs are as you’re using the vlogging kit without all the guesswork, all while you’re taking amazing videos with your iPhone.

Use a Grip to Help Stabilize Your Vlogs

Shaky camera footage can sometimes ruin a vlog because it can make viewers feel dizzy, which takes away from the full experience of watching your vlog.  For better control, it’s best to find a vlogging kit that has a grip that you can mount your iPhone on, like the MovoPhonevideo KIT1. Putting your smartphone on the grip can keep your video focused and steady, even if your arms or hands become shaky and tired. A smartphone grip can help tremendously, because it helps ensure that your subject is always in frame and your video isn’t too shaky in your vlogs. 

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Make the Most of Accessory Placement

Another great thing about using a vlogging kit is that you get a variety of tools that you need to vlog like a microphone, a light, a strap, and windscreens. However, figuring out where to attach your accessories to the rig can be challenging. While the LED light should be fine when placed on top of your iPhone, the ideal microphone setup varies between scenarios. Depending on what you want it to do, it may be better to clip the mic on your clothing instead of keeping it on the rig itself. If you prefer to get a vlogging kit with a lavalier microphone, the MovoSmartCine-W1 kit should work nicely.

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Play With Lenses

Mix things up from the usual shots you take with your iPhone camera by getting a vlogging kit with different lenses to experiment with, like the MovoSmartCine Stereo. For beginners, wide-angle lenses are a great specialized lens to try because you get a broader field of coverage to capture more dynamic scenes and sprawling landscapes within a single shot.  The new perspectives with varying levels of distortion can allow you to be more creative with your shots, making your vlogs look more interesting to viewers. 

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Vlogging kits are a convenient way to get the tools you need to vlog with your iPhone to tremendously improve the quality of your content. To learn more about them and find awesome deals, check outour website or visitour online store on Amazon.