Essential GoPro Audio Gear for Motovlogging

November 14, 2019 3 min read

Essential GoPro Audio Gear for Motovlogging - Movo

Vlogging has become a popular way for people to share their unique experiences with others who have similar interests. A vlog is similar to a blog in that it tells a story and usually focuses on one topic—traveling, cooking, surfing, etc. But, with a vlog, the story is told through a video rather than written words. This kind of narrative is more visually captivating, which is why it’s perfect for particular subjects that tend to have a greater impact on viewers when the subject can be seen. Motovlogging is a type of vlog focused on motorcycles and has become quite popular on the internet. If you’re thinking of starting your own motovlog, check out our tips on how to plan your videos and which types of GoPro audio accessories to use.

What Is Motovlogging?

Motovlogging is a subcategory of vlogging that focuses on riding motorcycles. You can actually make a motovlog while riding any type of motorized vehicle, but typically, these videos are created and viewed by motorcycle riders. A motovlog is filmed from the perspective of the rider rather than a secondary person filming the person riding from a distance. There is a certain air of mystery around motovloggers as many of them purposely do not reveal their full face or the plate numbers of their bikes. 

Tips for Motovlogging

Plan Out Each Video

As with any type of vlog, it’s important to plan out your videos in advance. You should know the route and have ridden it many times before to ensure that you don’t run into any problems along the way. Try to film a route with a more interesting landscape as this will be visually appealing to your audience. If you know of a place to ride that offers bikers a challenge, this may also be a great way to entertain and amaze your audience. However exciting the ride itself may be, your video needs to tell a story; otherwise, it’s just a random video of someone on a motorcycle. Review other examples of motovloggers to get a sense of how they narrate the video and try to emulate their style until you find your own.

motorcycle adventure

Be Adventurous

Motorcycle enthusiasts tend to have a strong desire for adventure and the unexpected, so let yourself enjoy the journey. While it is important to do some planning for your video, don’t lose your spontaneity. Your viewers will love watching you discover a new divergence from the original root or explore an unmarked area. Follow your gut—if something is telling you to go off the beaten path, give it a try! This usually makes for unexpectedly great content.

Essential GoPro Audio Gear

GoPro Microphones

Audio is another issue when it comes to recording a motovlog because the sound of the wind and the engine will overpower any type of narration or other sounds you want to be in the video. There are several GoPro audio accessories you can use to improve your audio quality. The GoPro microphones are usually small enough that they can attach right to your body. This positioning helps to effectively capture the audio as you speak, but you should also use a wind muff to help reduce the background noise.

Audio Adapters

When looking for GoPro audio accessories for your motovlog, you could also invest in an audio adapter. This transmitting device will connect your camera to any kind of wireless microphones you may be using. An external GoPro microphone will always improve the quality of your audio as it can capture the sound more directly and eliminate background sounds.Depending on which type of GoPro you own, you’ll need to purchase a specific type of audio adapter to connect your camera to an external mic. Older generations of the GoPro like the HERO3, HERO3+ and HERO4 are not built with an audio input port, so you’ll need to plug a 3.5mm GoPro audio adapter in to the mini-USB port. If you’re using a newer model like the HERO5, HERO6 or HERO7, you can connect your audio adapter directly to the USB-C port before setting up your external microphone.

Get All Your Motovlogging Accessories from Movo 

Once you’ve got your first few motovlogs all planned out, it’s time to break out your equipment and start filming. Movo has an extensive collection of GoPro audio accessories to make sure that your sound quality is on point. Pick your favorite routes to ride, brainstorm your narration, mount your GoPro to your helmet and start riding!