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This USB-powered conference microphone is the ultimate solution for capturing professional audio during video calls with your team.

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  • Desktop Computer Microphone for Conference Calls over VoIP, Skype, and More
  • Capable of capturing sound in a 20-foot radius, with 180° coverage
  • Headphone Monitoring Jack
  • USB Plug-&-Play Setup - PC & Mac Compatible
  • 1 Year Movo Warranty with U.S.A Based Support
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Benoit P.

I live in Canada. You sent the microphone to my friend in USA, to replace her broken microphone. I have one of these also.

John R.
Worked as designed and even better

I received the MOVO very timely and just tested it out today in the conference room. It worked even better than the 20 feet in the documentation. We don't need more than the 20 feet but was impressed at the quality of the sound in the worst case scenario of standing as far a way as I could in the room.

Ross A.

Very pleased with the microphone!.... as a matter of fact, I’m going to order a second one for myself!.... the first one was for my wife.

Gary R.

Meets all my expectations. Very neat and well manufactured. works as expected. will happily recommend to anyone.

Geoff D.

Movo MC1000 USB Conference Computer Microphone (Windows & Mac)

Kevin P.
Powerful/affordable directional microphone

We're using this for our remote learning zoom classroom. We really wanted a directional microphone at the front of the room that had great range. Market seems to be flooded with omni-directional speakerphones, so it took us awhile to find his one, but we're glad we did.

great mic, perfect for working at home

I have a few people in person and some on ZOOM - this works great for that!


Great product, easy to use (Delivery was exactly as promised-3 days, even in our Covid world!)

Gerald G.
USB microphone

Product as advertised

Gregory K.
Purchase #8

Our company has adopted the Movo MC 1000 as our standard across all platforms. We have devices in use in the US, Georgia, Ukraine, and Nigeria, and it's made conference calling from a laptop so much better. Easy to connect and use, and the sound quality is excellent. Great value and performance-we'll continue to buy them!

  • Desktop Computer Microphone for Conference Calls over VoIP, Skype, and More
  • Capable of capturing sound in a 20-foot radius, with 180° coverage
  • Headphone Monitoring Jack
  • USB Plug-&-Play Setup - PC & Mac Compatible
  • 1 Year Movo Warranty with U.S.A Based Support

Movo MC1000 USB Conference Microphone

Whether you want to record meetings, broadcast webinars, and video conference, then look no further. The Movo MC1000 is a directional conference microphone that houses three audio capsules capable of capturing sound in a 20' ft radius, with 180° degree coverage.

Some on-board computer microphones may produce unwanted, interrupted background noise. Not with the MC1000. Simply plug into the USB port on Mac or PC desktops and laptops. No battery limit. No software needed.

Video Conferencing Solution.The MC1000 is the ideal choice for video conferencing because it can simultaneously pick up all voices within the effective range. The device output uses a USB interface that can be connected directly to a desktop or laptop computer for easy use in conference rooms, seminars, and other occasions.Includes a headphone/speaker monitoring jack for live audio monitoring. Instant plug-and-play functionality. No drivers needed. The MC1000 functions only as a microphone, not a speaker for your computer.

MOVO MC1000 USB Conference Microphone

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Movo MC1000 USB Conference Microphone

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The Movo MC1000 conference microphone is a great compact conference microphone that can pick up audio in a radius of up to 20 feet and with 180-degrees of coverage. The microphone is a directional supercardioid condenser microphone that is perfect for placing on a table and capturing multiple people. Whether you want to use it for recording meetings, broadcasting webinars, or even capturing the audio for video conferencing, the MC1000 is an easy to use tool that you can have ready to go in just a couple minutes.

One of the awesome features of this microphone, is that it is plug and play. That means that there are not any special software or drivers that you’ll need to download to make it work. It is compatible with both Mac and PC desktops and laptops. As long as you have a USB port, you should be able to use the MC1000, which will provide you better audio with less background noise than your computer’s onboard microphone.

In order to setup and use the microphone, simply plug the mini USB cable into the MC1000 and your computer, open your computer audio settings, and select the USB microphone. Now you’re pretty much ready to go. All you need to do from there is open up the computer application that you will be recording to, broadcasting, etc. and select the MC1000 as your input microphone.

The microphone also features a red LED light. If you are not picking up any audio, this is the first place to check. If the red light is not illuminated, double check that the USB cable is securely plugged into both the microphone and your computer. Once you are picking up audio, place the microphone in the center of the table or in the most central area, making sure that it is about the same distance from everyone who will be speaking.

An easy way to adjust for people you speak at different volumes is to simply place the MC1000 slightly closer to those that are not quite as loud. This will increase their volume without needing to mess with your microphone volume settings as much on your computer, which could result in not only increasing the volume of the quiet people, but also those people that speak more loudly. As with most microphones, it is best not to touch the MC1000 while it is in use, as the handling noise will be picked up in your broadcast or recording.

No matter what you decide to use your MC1000 for, it is sure to improve the quality of your audio as compared to your computer’s built-in microphone, making what you have to say easier to listen to and with a more professional sound. With its compact size and ease of use, the MC1000 conference microphone from Movo will allow you to focus on what is most important, what you want to share with your listeners.


Desktop Computer Microphone
For conference calls over VoIP, Skype, and more.

Wide Audio Coverage
Capable of capturing sound in a 20-foot radius, with 180° degree coverage.

Headphone Monitoring Jack
For active audio monitoring during usage.

Mac & PC Compatible
Simple USB plug and play setup. No drivers needed.


Polar Pattern:Super Cardioid
Frequency Response:50Hz to 20KHz
Sensitivity:-47 +/- 3dB
Pickup Range:20-feet (6m)
Pickup Angle:180°
Weight:8.8 oz (250g)
Dimensions:4.6 x 3.8 x .9" (11.7 x 9.7 x 2.4cm)
Warranty:1 Year Limited