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Talk about Topics That Matter to You

Gary Vee believes that podcasting is an effective but underpriced way to trade ideas.

He's right because you can start your own podcast with just the bare minimum: your phone and a topic that you feel strongly about. Camera and video equipment are completely optional. Because as the digital entrepreneur and a top podcaster himself noted, you don’t even need to be handsome to get started. Just use your voice.

Podcasts let you build authority and a rich source of content that you can repurpose into other formats like blogs and image quotes. If done right, it’s a win-win venture. You get to discuss issues that matter to you while you connect with an audience of like-minded people. And the other content formats you generate from an episode can be used to promote your show and reach new subscribers.

Basic Podcast Equipment

Since podcasts mainly use audio mediums, you must have the right tools that can best broadcast your voice to your audience. Your podcasting gear is important because even if you have the best content in the world, people won’t stick around long if it doesn’t sound great.

Here’s what you can have in your podcast starter kit:

Mobile Recording Accessories: Portable Podcast Setup

Smartphone audio accessories make for great podcasting gear if you want to record and broadcast on the go. It’s best to start with plug-and-play lavalier microphone sets like the Movo PM20-S, which has two clip-on lapel mics for you and your interview guest. Executive lapels like this produce professional-grade audio in a handy, universal pack.

Mic and Recorder Bundles: Professional Podcast Recording Equipment

For more experienced podcasters, we recommend digital recorder kits consisting of handheld microphones and Zoom portable digital recorders. Two of our top choices are the Movo Zoom H4n PRO, which includes two mics, and then the Movo Zoom H6 Six-Track Bundle, which comes with four mics and desktop stands. Both kits feature dynamic uni-directional microphones, whose wide frequency response and high sensitivity level promise clear voice outputs. Their tabletop stands can extend to 13 inches and have rubberized bases to keep them steady when in use.

As your following and episode demand grow, elevate your podcast equipment and recording setup with professional audio accessories such as:

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