Camera Hand and Grip Straps

Add comfort, security, and stability to your handheld shots with a camera hand strap. Keep your camera safe and within reach to quickly switch between rest and shooting mode anytime.

Save your hands from fatigue when doing hour-long or even whole-day shoots. Wear a handgrip to secure your camera around your wrist so that you can easily access it anytime you’re ready to press the shutter button.

Hand straps relieve hand strain by displacing stress from your fingers and allowing you to hang the camera instead of gripping it all the time. But more than comfort, camera hand straps give benefits that help you keep your output and gear in great condition.

What are the benefits of wearing a camera hand strap?

  • Prevents accidental slips - Designs like the Movo HSG-2 have dual straps that wrap around your wrist and the back of your palm. This way, there won’t be any disastrous drops when the camera accidentally slips off your hand.
  • Protects hands from strain - Neoprene is a good material because its thick, durable, cushion-like quality pads your hand against pressure. Check out the Movo HSG-7 if maximum comfort is the number one trait you’re looking for in a camera strap.
  • Stabilizes video recording - This may come as a surprise, but handgrips also help keep your shots level when you’re filming. Add support by mounting the grip via the standard quarter-inch screw hole that you'll find under most DSLR and mirrorless cameras.
  • Lessens bumps and scratches - Unlike body and neck straps, camera handgrips put your gear within reach instead of letting it dangle loosely when not in use. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that thoughtless movements won’t give your lens some cracks.

  • A camera hand grip is one of the best camera accessories to have, especially if you do fast-paced shoots and when you like to move with your subjects. Want more protective gear? See our complete collection of camera straps, cases, and holsters.