Camera Straps, Cases & Holsters

Protect your camera and stay comfortable even during all-day shoots. Transporting and securing your photography gear have never been easier with durable straps and camera cases.

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Camera support equipment serves to protect both the gear and its user. Whether you use it to reduce the load on your wrist, relieve weight off your shoulders or cushion sensitive camera parts against friction and impact, protective gear gives you peace of mind. However, there is a vast assortment of different equipment that can be used depending on what and where you’re filming.

Many cameras are sold with a generic camera strap, but some photographers find this standard strap to be uncomfortable or difficult to use during different types of shoots. Invest in a second camera strap with anti-friction qualities and a design better suited to your project. Handgrips or grip straps are useful when longer camera straps allow for too much swing and can easily be strapped to your camera. Holsters make it easy to switch between multiple cameras, and our line of camera cases are designed to protect your gear and keep it in pristine condition.