Camera Stabilizer Equipment

Take outstanding footage even in fast-paced situations. A reliable video stabilization system is a must-have for every production crew and filmmaking enthusiast.

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Camera stabilizers and rigging equipment can vastly improve your production process as they reduce shakiness and prevent other unnecessary movements that can affect a scene. Whether you’re using a DSLR camera or your smartphone, stabilizers can be an essential tool for your video creation.

Movo offers two popular types of camera stabilizers: handheld stabilizers and sliders. As the name suggests, handheld stabilizers are held and can be used to capture low-angle shots as well as gliding motions. These are often used when filming sports or activities like skateboarding. Sliders are seen more often on large, professional filmmaking sets. This type of camera stabilizer can be operated manually or purchased as a motorized version. Your camera is mounted on top of the sliders and then moved along a track to capture seamless panoramic and panning shots.

When purchasing a camera stabilizer, keep in mind the weight of your equipment, the style you’re planning to shoot in and the shooting location.