February 15, 2023 3 min read

How to Vlog with an iPhone?

With the internet at the tips of our fingers at any given moment, more and more creators are generating new types of content to share with the world in a variety of forms. Vlogging is a popular way to share experiences and video content with your followers and has the potential to be lucrative if you gain a strong following. Starting your own vlog is fairly easy. All you need is some equipment and a great idea. You can even shoot your entire vlog on your iPhone, but you will want to invest in some additional vlogging equipment to enhance the quality of your videos and attract more viewers. Check out some of these tips to help launch your vlog.

What Is Vlogging?

Vlogs and blogs are two different types of platforms that tell a story to viewers or readers. Most people with blogs or vlogs are drawing from their own personal experiences to create content and share thoughts, ideas and information with their followers. The difference between a blog and a vlog is that blogs are composed of written words while vlogs are a video version of a blog. Think of vlogs almost as video journals. Vlogging is also a great way to share videos demonstrating how to fix or make something–or share any kind of action-packed videos.

Why Start a Vlog?

Starting a vlog is a great way to share your interests and knowledge with other people. Your vlog can help launch a community of people with similar hobbies and passions and connect you with others. If you’re interested in video creation, starting a vlog is also the perfect avenue to practice and experiment with new filming techniques. If you’re interested in making money off your vlog, it is definitely possible, but it does take a lot of time to garner enough followers and quality content to attract advertisers.

Tips for Vlogging with an iPhone

hand using phone taking picture on work desk

Shoot in Manual Mode

When using the camera app on your iPhone, the default mode to shoot in is automatic, which means that your phone is controlling all the aspects of how your camera takes shots. Photographers of all skill levels recognize the importance of being able to control your camera’s settings. Although your iPhone does not offer the option to switch to manual controls, there are plenty of apps which you can download to allow you control over such settings, such as exposure, shutter speed and aperture.

Purchase the Right External Accessories

Over the last few years, the built-in camera on the iPhone has vastly improved in terms of image quality, making it the perfect device for taking even professional-grade photos and videos. However, there are some aspects of iPhone video that need some assistance from external equipment. Because we like our mobile devices to be compact, the internal microphone suffers. A higher-quality microphone would greatly increase overall audio which is why we also recommend purchasing an iPhone microphone to shoot your videos.

Consider the Lighting

When it comes to any kind of video project, lighting is extremely important because it’s going to not only help your viewers see and understand the subject, but also set a certain mood or ambiance. If you’re shooting footage outside, you can definitely take advantage of the natural light but be aware of which times of the day are best for certain types of shots. Most people avoid shooting outside at noon when the sun is at its highest point, creating unwanted shadows and a washed-out look. Instead, try to film during blue or magic hours, the times right before or after the sun rises or sets over the horizon.

Young man and girl in glasses sharing ideas and working on video editing on computer

Use an Editing Program

After you’ve got all the perfect shots on your iPhone, you need to pay careful attention to your editing process because this is where the magic really happens. You’ll want to clip your segments together with a seamless transition and add some B-roll footage. There are dozens of great editing programs out there you can experiment with until you find the perfect program which works for you. Our top picks include the FilMic Pro app and Apple iMovie.

Step Up Your Vlogging Game with Accessories from Movo

Thinking about starting your own vlog? Movo has got you covered with all the vlogging equipment you need to get started with–from stabilizers to keep your camera steady to external microphones to improve the quality of your audio. Browse our smartphone video kits and select one with the right accessories for you so you can start creating today!