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The Best External Camera Microphones for Vlogging

June 14, 2021 3 min read

The Best External Camera Microphones for Vlogging | Movo Photo

Camera technology has made so many advances that even the most basic smartphone lenses can capture videos with passable quality, making them perfect for short films, TikTok videos, or vlogs. However, you can’t rely on your phone’s built-in microphone to record the audio by itself. You’ll need something more than that. Make your vlogs sound as good as they look by investing in a good external microphone.

Movo has a great range of external microphones for vloggers of all levels. Whether you’re in need of something for your vlog studio or for outdoor recording, we have something that will fit your audio needs. Check out our recommendations below.

For Vloggers Who Are Big on Ambiance - VXR3000

If you’re looking for something small but powerful, the Movo VXR3000 external microphone is a great option. Thanks to its omnidiectional polar pattern, you can pick up and record studio-quality audio from any angle. Moreover, you don’t have to settle for a heavy and bulky microphone just to achieve that. Despite its compact design, the VXR3000 has a 35Hz-20KHz frequency response so your recorded audio has a nice mix of rich tones and deep bass. It is a versatile mic that can work on cameras and smart devices alike. Simply plug it in and hit record.

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For The Run-and-Gun Vlogger - VXR3031

Those in need of concentrated and clear sound in their vlogs that they can adjust in real-time can benefit from getting the Movo VXR3031 for their vlogging setup. Its supercardioid polar pattern only picks up the audio from subjects directly in front of it, leaving your vlogs with high-quality audio and no background noise. Furthermore, you can refine the direct-to-camera audio using the 3-stage level control switch and the 2-pass (flat and 80Hz) filter to prevent signal peaking and any low-frequency noise, respectively. This external microphone is best suited for any DSLR camera and requires 2 AA batteries as a power source.

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For The Vlogger Who Is Always On the Go - VXR10

Being out and about while vlogging often means that you have to keep your equipment small and lightweight. If you are in need of an external microphone that fits those requirements - without sacrificing audio quality - look no further than the Movo VXR10 for recording your audio. It has a cardioid condenser capsule that focuses on sounds coming from the front of the mic for reduced peripheral environmental noises in the final recording. The mic can also pick up a diverse array of sounds clearly, including higher frequencies and bass tones. With this mic, you can spend less time editing your recording in post-processing and focus more on vlogging about your adventures and sharing it with the world. The VXR10 is compatible with smartphones and cameras alike and works well for vloggers of all levels. 

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With the right external microphone, mediocre audio will become a thing of the past in your vlogs. For helpful tutorials, guides, and awesome deals on Movo’s audio and video products, check out our website or our online store on Amazon!