Choosing a Podcast Topic: Three Questions to Ask Before You Start Recording

September 28, 2021 4 min read


Here at Movo, we’ve been fielding a lot of questions from our users about how to get started creating their own podcast. Did you know that it’s predicted that through 2022 monthly podcasts listeners will grow by 10%?

Seems like now is a great time to launch your podcast. So what are you waiting for? Is the indecision about potential podcast topics one of the reasons?

When taking your podcast concept from idea to reality, it can be tempting to think about the tech first. And we get that - you know we love tech… And we’ve got you covered when it comes to picking the right gear to capture pro-quality audio for your podcast

But before you get too wrapped up in USB or XLR, DAW, or external recorder, you’ve got to focus on the ideas behind your podcast. Good production value is just one part of it.

A great podcast starts with a great idea, so whether you just need help refining your concept, or you have no idea what to talk about on a podcast, here is some pod food for thought to help you get started. 

1. What Topic Could I Talk About for Hours?

Let’s start really simple here. Maybe you’ve always wanted to share your voice via a podcast, but you’re not sure what it should be about.

Start by asking yourself: what topic could I talk about for hours? What keeps you up late on the phone? What is the one subject you and your friends can never stay away from? Answering these questions may help you figure out what to talk about in a podcast.

It may be tempting to pick a podcast topic based solely on what you feel would connect with listeners. There is nothing wrong with keeping an ear to the ground about what kind of podcasts are trending, but make sure that you pick a subject you are genuinely excited about, not just one that you think will gain listeners.

The reality is, from recording to editing, to releasing, creating a good podcast is a lot of work. Not only will you have to talk about your subject at length while recording, but you’ll also have to listen to yourself talking at length while editing! That’s why it’s important to figure out what are some things you could talk about for hours, so you can communicate your passion and interests to the listeners, which will in turn help you engage them.

2. Is Anyone Covering This Topic in Another Podcast?

As with any new idea or product, you have to consider the existing market before you can understand how to best bring your vision to that market. Start by asking, is there another podcast covering these topics

Now, if the answer to this question is “yes,” that doesn’t mean that you have to tear up your list of podcast topic ideas and start over. The podcast space is continuously growing, and there’s room for many perspectives on certain subjects.

I’m sure we’ve all seen more than a few podcasts pop up in our feed about presidential politics or the best songs of the 90s. If you tried to listen to every podcast about a mysterious disappearance or an unsolved murder, you’d have enough audio entertainment for several lifetimes. But you don’t want to aim for podcast topics that have been covered too many times or a subject that closely overlaps with that of a very popular show. 

3. Does This Podcast Idea Have a Staying Power/Potential for Many Episodes?

One last question: does my podcast idea have staying power and the potential for many episodes? You want to make sure that not only does your subject have the potential to grow and expand as your podcast grows, but that your interest will also grow and expand. The idea behind your show has to be sustainable for your listeners, as well as for you, the creator. 

Many of us create podcasts with the hope that we might end up with a big hit, some might even hope it could someday be their full-time job. If that sounds like you, make sure that the main idea behind your podcast is one you know you could sustain excitement about. You never know, you might be the next Stuff You Should Know or My Favorite Murder.

Once you’ve nailed down the specifics of your podcast idea, you’ll have to pick a great name. Once again, it helps to do a quick audit of other podcasts out there to make sure that you’re not in conflict with anyone else’s name. Once you’ve decided on a name for your podcast, it’s time to carve out your social media presence. Don’t be afraid to have some fun with this. 

We hope you found these questions helpful. Wishing you all the best of luck in deciding what topics to talk about on your podcast and in the rest of your podcasting journey. Be sure to tune into our Youtube series on how to start a podcast.