XL Scuba GoPro Underwater Video Stabilizer | GoPro Scuba Light | Movo


XL Scuba GoPro Underwater Video Stabilizer | GoPro Scuba Light | Movo

  • SOLID CAMERA RIG WITH RUBBERIZED HANDGRIPS - Strong aluminum alloy tray with yellow rubberized handgrips that are corrosion resistant and provides stable shooting on underwater dives as well as on land
  • MULTIPLE MOUNTING OPTIONS - Features two cold shoe mounts for LED GoPro light, microphone, monitor and other gear, as well as a central action mount. Works well with GoPro super suit and other scuba diving accessories
  • 1-YEAR WARRANTY: We’ve got your back. Our products are designed to ease your technical woes, not add to them. Our friendly US-Based support is here to help
  • BUNDLED WATERPROOF LED LIGHT - Powerful 700 lumen light that works up to 130 feet underwater. Long-lasting, rechargeable battery comes with USB power adapter
  • THREE LIGHT SETTINGS - Bright High Power mode, low output Power Saver mode, and flash strobe SOS mode. Includes 3 attachable color filters for white, orange, and purple lighting

Take jaw-dropping underwater photos on your next dive trip with this all-inclusive bundle! The GB-U80 diving rig is the ultimate two-handed stabilizer for shooting video while snorkeling or scuba diving. Rubberized hand grips and a wrist leash make it easy to hold on to, while the durable aluminum construction shrugs off drops and bumps with ease. An extended frame features two cold shoe mounts and a central action mount that works great with a wide range of underwater cameras, including the GoPro Hero series.

The bundled LED-WP light projects 700 lumens up to depths of 130 feet. Three lighting modes cover all scenarios: High Power mode brings your photos to life, Power Saver mode is ideal for general illumination, and SOS mode will flash a continuous strobe in case of emergencies. The rechargeable battery lasts up to 7 hours and comes with a USB power adapter. Also included are 3 attachable color filters for white, orange, and purple lighting.

Specifications (GB-U80):

Composition: Aluminum Alloy

Load Capacity: 11 lbs

Dimensions (LxHxW): 9.65 x 6.8 x 1.45”

Weight: 13.9 oz

Specifications (LED-WP):

LED Bulb Count: 20

Charge Voltage: 5V

Charge Current: 500mA

Power: 6W

High-power battery length: 80 minutes

Power-saver battery length: 6 hours

SOS battery length: 7 hours

Wattage: 6 watts/20 bulbs

Depth Rating: 130’

Color Temperature: 5500K

Lumen: 700LM

Built-in Battery: 1900mAh

Weight: 153g

Dimensions (LxHxW): 75.5 x 51 x 61.6

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Excited to try this out

Not sure how well this will work, but what I received is exactly as expected. I am looking forward to taking this set-up on a clear warm water diver very soon.