Movo WS-G160 Furry Rigid Windscreen for Microphones 18-23mm in Diameter and up to 6.3" (16cm) Long - Dark Gray

$ 49.95

Product Details

The Movo WS-GS Series Windscreen is part of our professional line of windscreens and features a dual artificial fur outer layer, acoustic foam inner layer, and airtight rubber base for maximum 360° wind protection.

How to measure
First, ensure that your microphone capsule is between 18-23mm in dimeter. Then, determine the length you need by measuring from the front-end of the capsule to the end of the grille (vents), and add about 1cm to that measurement to ensure a full seal.

Compatibility (including but not limited to)
Audio-Technica: AT 897
Neumann: KMR 81i, KMR-81D
RODE: NTG-1, NTG-2, NTG-4, NTG-4+
Sanken: CS 1, CS 2
Sennheiser: MKE 600
Shure: VP82, VP89S

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