Sevenoak SK-SVM30 Alloy Stereo PRO Video Microphone

$ 99.95

Product Details

Sevenoak SK-SVM30 is a stereo video microphone designed for DSLR cameras and camcorders. It features natural stereo recording with a high level of rear rejection since two high resolution 0.55” condenser capsules are mounted in it. The microphone is matched in frequency (76dB SPL) and sensitivity (-38dB) for accurate stereo recordings. The shock-mount attached to SK-SVM30 which protect against noise due to movement and handling, and a versatile shoe mount allows the microphone to be mounted to a hot-shoe on a camcorder, boom pole or stand. It is an excellent choice for making movies voice.

Broadcast sound quality
Stereo L/R condenser microphone
Two step high-pass filter
Adjust the sound attenuation
Low handling noise
Noise reducing suspension system
Integral camera-shoe mount
Rugged cast zinc alloy body
9V battery Powered
Deadkitten windscreen included

Acoustic Principle: Pressure Gradient
Directional Pattern: Super Cardioid (per capsule)
Frequency Range: 38Hz ~ 20kHz selectable High Pass Filter (HPF) @ 80Hz 12dB/octave
Output Impedence: 200?
Sensitivity: -38dB re 1 volt / Pascal (12.8mV @ 94dB SPL) +/-2Db @1kHz
Equivalent Noise: 20dB SPL (A-weighted per IEC651)
Dynamic Range: 115dB SPL (A-weighted per IEC651)
Maximum SPL: 135dB SPL (@ 1 kHz, 1% THD into 1k load)
Signal/Noise: 76dB SPL (A-weighted per IEC651)
Power Requirement: 9V battery powered
Output Connection: Stereo mini jack plug-3.5mm. RIght Channel-Ring Left Channel-Tip
Net Weight: 470g

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