Movo SB3 Universal On-Camera Pop-Up Flash Diffuser (DSLR, Mirrorless Cameras)

$ 7.95

Product Details

The Movo Photo SB3 Universal On-Camera Pop-Up Flash Diffuser is designed to diffuse the light output of the built-in pop-up flash of many SLR cameras. It reduces hot spots and softens harsh shadows as well. It attaches quickly and simply to most SLR cameras with a pop-up flash.

MOVO 1 year Warranty: This product is backed by a 1 year manufacturer warranty. Our friendly and responsive USA-based customer service team is ready to help you with any questions or concerns.


  • Softens the light output from the pop-up flash on SLR cameras
  • Softens harsh shadows, reduces hot spots, and produces soft, even illumination
  • Attaches quickly and easily
  • Compatible with all camera modes
  • Fits most cameras with pop-up flashes

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