Movo Photo PH300 Selfie Stick 34" to 100" (8 feet!) Extension/Boom Pole

$ 34.95

Product Details

Capture selfies or high-angle shots with the Movo Photo PH300 Selfie Stick. Extendable from 34" to 100" and with a load capacity of 2 lb, this four-section pole is designed to get your GoPro action cam, digital camera or smartphone to the vantage point you need.

The Movo Photo PH300 Selfie Stick includes a 1/4"-20 mounting platform for standard cameras. It can be extended by twisting the top section counter-clockwise, adjusting to your desired height, and then twisting clockwise to lock the sections in place.

Includes adapters for GoPro HERO, HERO2, HERO3, HERO4

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