Movo Photo CD200 Professional Cine Skater Table Dolly Video Stabilizer for DSLR Video Cameras - Long Version

$ 39.95

Product Details

Follow all the action and create smooth, professional shots with the Movo Photo CD200 Video Stabilizer Camera Table Dolly. Skate design allows you to track the action, follow your subject, keep up with dynamic scenarios, all while maintaining shots that are steady, smooth and dramatic. Universal design compatible with most model cameras and ball-head attachments.

Use the Movo Photo CD200 Video Stabilizer Camera Table Dolly to create spectacular shots that move with the action and draw the viewer into the scene. This is a tool that professionals use, elevate your art with the same advanced techniques. Perfect for skateboarding, BMX, extreme sports, racing and more. Delivers incredible professional performance at a very affordable price. Easy to use, perfecting new shots and techniques is fun!

Constructed from durable aluminum that can stand up to rugged use. Axles are adjustable: set them for a straight path, curves or complete circles. Uses inline skate-style wheels with high quality ball bearings rated for performance. Balanced and tested to ensure a steady, safe ride for your camera equipment.

  • Long version - 7" (width) X 13" (length) and weighs just 1.85 lbs
  • Compatible with all ball heads & magic arms (optional)
  • Inline skate wheels
  • Adjustable Axle Positions
  • Aluminum Construction

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