Movo NS-3 Rapid Action Over-The-Shoulder Camera Sling Strap with Quick Release Clip ...

$ 17.95

Product Details

Secure in Every Situation:

The Movo NS3 Hip-Length Camera Strap keeps your camera safely locked to your body even in extreme shooting situations. Using a comfortable but secure loop-and-pad system that fastens around the right arm, the NS3 is the perfect way to keep your DSLR or Mirrorless digital camera out of harms way and off your mind.

Featuring an extra-long 63” adjustable sling, the NS3 is designed to let your camera to hang comfortably across your torso from the right shoulder – positioning your camera at the opposite hip. A padded shoulder strap and under-arm safety tether work together to cinch the strap to your body – ensuring a secure but comfortable grip that keeps your camera with you at all times.

High-quality Engineering:

The NS3 features three levels of high-quality material. The padded shoulder strap is contoured to fit naturally over the shoulder and across the back. Made from dense neoprene foam, the pad helps to keep your camera in position without putting strain on your shoulder or back. The strap and security tether are woven from double-ply polypropylene webbing, rendering it cut and tear-resistant while remaining lightweight. The swivel hook fastener is constructed from stainless steel and finished in black nickel gloss. Features a screw-down carabiner to ensure that your camera can be held fast, or be released with a minimum of fuss. Screws into your camera’s ¼”-20 tripod mount, with the addition of a soft rubber washer to provide a tight connection that doesn’t scratch or damage your camera body.

MOVO 1 year Warranty: This product is backed by a 1 year manufacturer warranty. Our friendly and responsive USA-based customer service team is ready to help you with any questions or concerns.

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