Movo MFF400 Premium Motorized Follow Focus and Zoom Control Video Shoulder Rig

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  • Upgraded version of Motorized Follow Focus Rig with Super Quiet Durable Motors with Focus/Zoom Presets
  • Controls Focus & Zoom with 4 Programable Presets
  • Integrated Control Switches on Handles and on Rear Control Box
  • Upgraded Motor System Compatible with Most Lenses
  • Powered by Canon LP-E6 type batteries (sold separately)

Movo MFF400
Premium Motorized Follow Focus and Zoom Control Video Shoulder Rig for DSLRs

This Movo MFF400 Motorized Follow Focus Rig is an upgraded version of our entry level motorized rig (MFF300). This upgraded equipment includes a new rig design, which provides an uninstructed view of the LCD, upgraded premium motors built to withstand everyday use, and 4 focus/zoom memory presets.

Integrated control switches are handle-mounted for easy andconvenient use

Memory presets allow four different focal points to be set for quick and easy refocusing

Removeable base plate uses a 1/4-20" mount screw and is height adjustable to accommodate any cameras

Compose and create shots on the move, in perfect focus with the Movo MMF400 Motorized Focusing and Zoom Rig. The intelligent design blends outstanding performance with even better value: whether you are a professional or a hobbyist, this rig provides you the tools to elevate your craft and capture shots as never before. This unit is compatible with most lenses.

The Movo MMF400 Motorized Focusing and Zoom Rig offer professional quality features at a fraction of the typical cost. Now control focus and zoom with this handy battery-powered drive system. Integrated control switches are handle-mounted for easy, convenient use. Operates quietly in all modes, with exceptional precision and the ability to control perfectly every shot.

Motorized focus and zoom open new vistas in your ability to create dynamic, complex, professional-style shots: the Movo MMF400 Motorized Focusing and Zoom Rig is your gateway to exceptional performance and enjoyment of your craft. Includes 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

The Movo MMF400 is powered by Canon LP-E6 type batteries (sold separately)


Three Focus Rings Included:

65mm Focus Ring

75mm Focus Ring

85mm Focus Ring

Customer Reviews

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With a little tweaking, this shoulder stabilizer rig is the best camera accessory I've ever purch...

I purchased the MOVO MFF400 because I needed a better shoulder rig, and since this one offered variable speed motorized zoom and focus, I had to give it a try. It takes a little patience and ingenuity to set it up to fit it to your needs, but once you've tweaked it a bit, it's the best rig you can find for this price. My system includes the Movo MFF400, a Nikon D810, a 4K field monitor, a matte box, and a shotgun mic. With all of that equipment on the rig, it is necessary to purchase weights, which mount on the rear of the rig to counterbalance the weight in the front. Simply move the main controller as far forward as possible, then turn the shoulder pad around backwards and push it forward, almost touching the motor controller. Now you have room to mount the weights. I recommend purchasing Neewer brand weights. They easily slide on to the rig behind the shoulder pad. With all my equipment mounted on the rig, I use 7.5 lbs of weight, which places the center of balance directly over my shoulder, on the shoulder pad. Once you find the right amount of weight to put on the rear of the rig, you don't have to use much strength to hold it steady with your arms. This is easily customized to fit any videographer's needs. The motors are very powerful and the motor controls on the handles are extremely responsive and easy to use. You can change the speed of the zoom and focus by adjusting the dials on the handles. Move the main control module forward to mount the weights.