Movo CRC02 Waterproof Nylon Rain Cover


Movo CRC02 Waterproof Nylon Rain Cover (Flash Enclosure, Adjustable Hand Sleeves)

  • Protects your DSLR's (with and without a battery pack), flash and up to a medium-range lens
  • Large window sleeves provide full camera control
  • Water Resistant Ballistic Nylon Construction
  • Adjustable sleeves for a tight seal

Movo CRC02 Waterproof Nylon Rain Cover - with Waterproof flash enclosure

The Movo CRC02 rain cover protects your camera, flash and lenses from the worst the weather has to offer without stopping you from getting great photos.

Rain, snow, sand, and windblown grit are unavoidable on some assignments. Proper preparation is essential for protecting your valuable gear and ensuring the best photos - prepare yourself with this high-quality nylon rain cover.

Certified waterproof material ensures that no precipitation penetrates the camera space, while the large window panel on the back of the rain cover gives you an unobscured look at your camera settings and controls.

A built-in flash diffuser ensures evenly lit shots. Ensures your shots aren't obscured by reflective water drops or particulate.

Two adjustable, cinching sleeves allow you get to your camera without exposing the contents to the elements, and a cinch band locks the cover into place around your lens - allowing you to stay composed in the face of inclement and changing weather conditions. Even better, the CRC02 flash attachment allows even the largest camera-mounted flashes to remain dry and protected, while the large, transparent flash window allows maximum exposure of your subject.