Movo Color/White Balance Card Set for Digital Photography

  • White, Black & Neutral Grey Cards
  • For Perfect Color Balance
  • Use With Any Digital Camera
  • Can Be Used in Pre- or Post-Production
  • A Must-have for every Photographer

With the Movo Color/White Balance Card Set for Digital Photography, you have exactly what you need for effective digital color/white control and perfect balance. Appropriate for use in pre-production or post, take pictures and make corrections just like the pros do. Designed for use with any digital camera.

If you are serious about your photography or are a photographer by profession, this color balance tool is necessary and invaluable. The Movo Photo Color/White Balance Card Set for Digital Photography includes three balance cards for optimum versatility. Simply photograph the cards in the light you will be using; use the photo to balance whites and colors prior to shooting, or use in post to create a custom balance.

Color/white balance cards are a tool in every professional photographer's kit - now they can be yours. Use these to develop your skills and improve your picture taking. This is the most cost-effective solution to access professional-level results.

Customer Reviews

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A must for color balancing

For those getting into photography or videography, having a color balancing card is a must. At the end of the day editing becomes a lot easier since you can choose the card as perfect white. It's light and can fit into your back pocket so having this tool for better content is wonderful.