Movo iPhone 7 Plus Optical Glass Screen Protectors - 2 PACK

Movo iPhone 7 Plus Optical Glass Screen Protectors - 2 PACK

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Movo Optical Glass LCD Screen Protectors (2 Pack)

These LCD screen protectors are made from an ultra-thin sheet of optical glass - just 0.3mm thick. Designed specifically for the iPhone 7 Plus, it's covers the entire flat area of your iPhone screen - protecting it from scratches, grit, UV light, smears and even light impact. Installs without trapping air-bubbles, and is easy to remove without leaving stick residue behind.

Precision Engineered
Each Movo screen protector is made from 6 micro-layers of protective, ultra-clear optical glass. These shatter-proof layers shield your display from dirt and particulates, while also blocking damaging UV rays. Preserves the resale value and the life span of your iPhone by protecting against screen-fade, UV-aging and unwanted marring and scratching. The Movo screen protector is easy to clean using a simple wet wipe or microfiber cloth.

Glass Type: Tempered Optical Glass
Construction: 6 Layers of Protective Material
Thickness: 0.3mm
Hardness Rating: 9H

  • 2 PACK of .3mm Ultra-Thin Tempered Glass Screen Protectors with Simple 2-Step Installation Kits
  • Customized Fit for the iPhone 7 Plus (5.5")
  • Ultra-Clear Optical Glass with Multi-Layered Protective Material
  • Preserves Your iPhone Resale Value by Protecting the LCD from UV Rays, Scratches, and Dirt
  • Easy to Install and Remove