Micnova SB40 16x16" Softbox Kit with Speedlight L-Type Bracket for all Camera Flashes

$ 19.95

Product Details

The Micnoca SB40 softbox kit includes evertying you need to bring soft, even lightning to your shoots. Includes 16" x 16", EZ-Collapse soft box, diffuser screen, and all-metal flash bracket. Universally compatible with all shoe-mount flashes!

- The diffusion front face is removable revealing a highly reflective, high-output silver inner reflector.

- The poles and speed ring are constructed from solid aluminum to minimize weight yet retain durability.

The inner reflector lining will minimize any hot spot. The front diffusion material is the same quality as found on current high-quality soft boxes.

The fully adjustable stand bracket is compatible with virtually all shoe-mounted flashes.

  • Designed For Shoe-Mount Flashes
  • Inner Reflector
  • Outer Diffuser Screen
  • High-Quality Construction
  • Aluminum Flash Bracket

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