Marrex MX-G20 Professional Nikon Geotagger GPS System

$ 49.95

Product Details

The Marrex MX-G20 Geotagging GPS System enables you to geotag images captured with your camera, so you can record latitude, longitude, altitude and time information so when you look back, you will have a record of when and where each photo was captured. This feature-rich, lightweight, & compact unit can also serve as an electronic compass or a stand-alone GPS recorder.

Internal 3-Axis Electronic Compass:

The MX-G20 features a 3-Axis Electronic Compass which records longitude, latitude and altitude information precisely accurate to less than 2.5m (8 feet). Super-fast processer acquires a GPS signal in under 30 seconds. When the signal is lost due to interference, it maintains the last recorded data and geotags it to your images.

Internal Battery:

The MX-G20 is powered by its own internal battery and will last up to 10 hours on one charge. The power method will switch to your cameras battery only after the internal battery is depleted.

Remote Shutter:

The MX-G20 also includes a remote shutter cord which connects directly to the GPS unit allowing you to remotely trigger your camera shutter from 3 feet away.


  • Dimensions: L x W x H: 71mm x 48mm x 32mm
  • Weight: 50g (1.8 oz)


  • Nikon D7100, D7000, D5300, D5200, D5100, D5000, D3300, D3200, D3100, D810, D800, D700, D610, D600, D300, D200, D90, D4S, D4, D3, D2HS, D2XS and D2X DSLR Cameras

Included in the box:

  • Camera and USB charging cable
  • Shutter release
  • Lanyard
  • User guide

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