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Celebrating the "month of Pink" and the season of hope, with stories recorded by our best shotgun microphone...

Pink Limited Edition MOVO VXR10 Shotgun Microphone, Supporting Breast Cancer Prevention Partners*
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Limited-edition Universal Cardioid Condenser Video Microphone

  • One of the best shotgun microphones on the market, designed to significantly improve audio quality compared to built-in DSLR microphones
  • Pink limited-edition
  • $1 of purchase price goes to raise fund and awareness for the Breast Cancer Prevention Partners*
Sold out

*Maximum donation of $2,500 to the Breast Cancer Prevention Partners (BCPP) to support efforts focusing on preventing breast cancer by eliminating exposure to toxic chemicals and radiation. Dates of promotion: 10/1/18 through 10/31/18

The Movo VXR10 Pink is a universal video microphone designed to significantly improve audio quality compared to built-in microphones.

Constructed entirely from aluminum with a light weight and compact design, the VXR10 is perfect for mounting directly on camera or using with a smartphone.

No battery is required, simply plug in the microphone and it's ready to go.

An integrated shock mount also reduces handling noise and unwanted vibrations that can often ruin audio recordings.

Uses a focused "cardioid" pickup pattern that minimizes peripheral noises and just captures the subject in front of the mic.

The VX10 Pink comes with a pink-hued furry windscreen, a soft case, and both TRS and TRRS output cables for use with DSLR Cameras, Camcorders, Audio Recorders, iPhones and Android Smartphones, Tablets, and Laptops.


  • Polar Pattern: Cardioid
  • Frequency Response: 35 Hz to 18 kHz, +/-3dB
  • Sensitivity: -42dB +/- 1dB/0dB=1V/Pa, 1kHz
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 76dB
  • Output Connectors: 3.5mm TRS Mini-Jack (for Cameras, Recorders & Camcorders); 3.5mm TRRS (for Smartphones, Tablets, & Mac)
  • Power Requirements: No Battery
  • Required Dimensions: (LxD): 0.86 x 3.2" (2.2 x 8.1cm)
  • Weight: 1.8 oz (51g)

This is worth the price. If you're looking for a shotgun microphone that won't break the bank this is your mic. I came across this microphone while searching for a small shotgun mic to use with my DSLR and I am glad I discovered it... READ MORE

This provides really nice sound, when kept within 18 inches of the talent. Like virtually all mics, when you mount it on a camera four feet or more from the talent, you will not get very good sound. But that's just the way of mics. Caleb Pike reviewed this and stated that it has a noticeably hotter signal than the Rode Videomicro. I am pretty picky with audio... READ MORE

Other than having to get the 2.5 adaptor so that I can use it on my Fujifilm xt20, this microphone performs just as good as my RODE, which I use on my Canon. Great bargain for a microphone that give you this kind of excellent sound. I recommend it highly for run and gun videography and also for vloggers.... READ MORE

Excellent value for the money. Before purchasing it, I watched a few YouTube videos comparing this mic to the Rode Video Micro. Both are good mics, but the videos showed this one to have a better low-end frequency response. Indeed, it came with a manual that claims it works down to 35 Hz, whereas the Rode Video Micro specs show it cutting off around 100 Hz. Based on the video comparisons and my use so far, i would say that is accurate. The other things I like about the Movo mic relative to the Rode option are... READ MORE

Pretty good, all things considered. For the price point, this is a solid mic. It comes pretty close the the Rode Video Micro for roughly $20 bucks less. Yes, the shock mount is somewhat fragile, but so are many of the others, including the Rode. If you keep mounting and unmounting, eventually breaking is inevitable... READ MORE

This is a lot more sensible than the Rode Video Micro, so for those who own Canon cameras, with awful preamps, it's a better option.

1 star off because the shock absorber isn't as flexible as it should, and the TRS cable included, can't be turned around because it won't stay in place (straight part has to be connected to the mic and angled to camera, if you connect it the other way, the straight part gets disconnected from camera). TRRS is not coiled also.

It's awesome that includes all the the accessories... READ MORE

Great customer service, I broke the shock mount first time using it, they sent another with no issues. The shock mount does feel overly tight when clamping the mic in. For me I take it apart after every use because I'm doing location work and transporting equipment. Mic works great. The coiled cords would be nice to have 90 degree adapters on both ends, but that's minor. IMO cords could also be shorter, but no big deal. Also a nice feature of a competitor is having the built in clips to hold the the wire on the tightening nut for the shoe mount.
Great price, great performance.
I would buy again and again... READ MORE

Very good audio recordings for it's type (short range, shotgun for smartphone and dslr cameras to do "run and gun" style video where higher pro audio quality is not needed). The gain is strong. Metal build is good. Compares well with Rode small video mics and Boya M1 lapel.
One star taken off for the poor "shock" mount. It snapped when I checked flex with my finger (see photo) because it is stiff, cheap plastic. Looks like a shock, but almost no flex. So far, not able to find replacement. Maker should change to compare with Rycote shock mount used by Rode. I would recommend for value even with poor shock... READ MORE

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Harnessing the Power of Stories toproCUREthe CURE

At MOVO Photo, we understand first-hand the power of stories that inspire action and encourage hope.

This October, MOVO Photo is harnessing the power of stories by using our best rated proAUDIO gear, VXR10 in the Pink limited-edition to help bring comfort, inspiration, and hope to others who are concerned about and affected by breast cancer.

One story at a time, speaking the truth, #theTrueVoiceOfPink.

"Through the course of my cancer journey, I went camping in a teepee, played baseball with my boys, sent my son to preschool, traveled 20 times across the globe, tripled the size of my marketing team, and still enjoyed life. Focus on the positives, and you will come out stronger."

Optimistic is Pink –#TrueVoiceOfPink

– Esther Flammer

"Ultimately, it’s your battle and your story. If you put your mind to it, you can do anything."

Perseverance is Pink –#TrueVoiceOfPink

– Myranda

Who Uses VXR10 Microphone?

Cinematographers, filmmakers, video producers, and individuals

"The Movo VXR10 may look very similar to the Rode VideoMicro, but I actually found it to be superior in several ways. This cheap microphone is much louder/more sensitive which is VERY important for avoiding that nasty hiss you can get on a lot of cameras. It also comes with a cable for use with your smartphone or tablet.
Finally, the microphone also includes a coldshoe mount and a very effective wind muff."

– Caleb with DSLR Video Shooter

"You don't need an expensive camera - you just need this mic, this cable, and you'll be good to go. If you want something that's lightweight and it's easy to carry around, this mic definitely does the trick."

– Ken @ModernReporter

"So we know the Movo VXR10 is cheaper ($40) and louder (+6db) than the Rode VideoMicro - but is it a good value? Compare them in this simple camera mic shootout and decide which is the best, affordable microphone to pair with your mirrorless camera or DSLR."

– Brian Miller: Behind the Magic

"This (MOVO VXR10) Microphone sounds amazing for the price and blasts the expensiver Rode out of the water."

– SkymashiTV

How Can I Help?
Creating a Lasting Impact with the Limited Edition

Shop VXR10 Pink Limited Edition

With every purchase of the Pink Limited Edition MOVO VXR10, you help us fund efforts to fight breast cancer through the Breast Cancer Prevention Partners*.

Help us help #proCUREtheCURE.

About MOVO Photo

At MOVO Photo we are not only passionate about providing innovative video and audio equipment, but also GIVING BACK.

We are motivated to give back to a variety of nonprofit organizations by donating MOVO equipment so that we can aid them in sharing their stories.



*We are proudly supporting Breast Cancer Prevention Partners by donating $1 of every unit purchased of the MOVO VXR10 limited pink edition from 10/1/18 – 10/31/18, with a maximum donation of $2,500.

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