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Camera Mounting Brackets & Rods

Mount on-camera lights, mics, and monitors with extension brackets. Support your camera rail system with aluminum rods. Get them all here to complete your photo and video setup.

Power up your photo and video setup with rods and brackets. These are photo and video camera accessories that equip your DSLR or mirrorless camera with additional gear. Brackets allow you to mount lights, monitors, or microphones on the camera, while rods make up the rail system for tracking shots. 

Check out how these simple attachments can give you a hand without the need to set up expensive, complicated rigs.

Cold Shoe Brackets

Tired of contorting your arms to catch the perfect audio while steadying the camera and adjusting the lights? Keep them all in place by adding cold shoe brackets. Triple-shoe designs like the Movo HVA30 can hold the LED and mics for you while you focus on framing the perfect shot. Dual-arm models like the Movo HVA20 can serve the same purpose with greater room for the accessories to move, plus the extra ability to mount it straight to a tripod or rig.

Extension Bars

If you want even more room for movement and the freedom to position the mic and lights in any direction, use extension bar brackets. They feature two threads for keeping the bracket in place and for rotating its position while mounted on the camera. Get a six-inch bracket like the Movo DSE6 for doubling up your lights. Or, get the 12-inch and 16-inch variants to have more space for accessories and have a wider rotating angle.

Camera Rods

Pro videographers owe their smooth, dramatic gliding shots to a reliable track slider. And the quality of a camera rail system depends on the quality of its rods. Camera rods can be made from steel, aluminum, and carbon fiber. If you want something light, durable, and affordable, get aluminum rods. We have them in sets of two and in lengths varying from four to 24 inches, all featuring a hollow build and black anodic oxidation surface treatment to resist water damage and wear from frequent use. 

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