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SmartCine, the world’s best smartphone video studio kit

by Tycho Smith July 13, 2018 1 min read

SmartCine, the world’s best smartphone video studio kit

Hello Movo fans - we’re excited to announce a really cool product we’ve been working on this year, which will launch on Kickstarter in a few weeks: the SmartCine, the world’s best smartphone video studio kit! It’s compact, effective, and inexpensive.

TheSmartCine isa complete smartphone video kit that comes ready to use out of the box. Ideal for travelers, vloggers, new parents, etc., it’s designed for almost everyone who takes smartphone videos to document the iconic moments of their life.

Whether you’re capturing astonishing fireworks, broadcasting a live-streaming concert on Facebook, or documenting the first steps from your 10-month baby, the SmartCine gives you a variety of exciting lens options, keeps your smartphone stable, helps light the scene, and adds pro stereo sound.

The creation of SmartCine is a collaboration between two innovative global brands: Movo Photo and SevenOak. You canclick here to learn more about the SmartCine and the brands behind it.

The good news doesn’t stop there! We’re currently seeking experienced photographers and videographers to take the SmartCine (Beta) out for a spin and help us optimize the product before the official launch. If you’re a professional photographer/videographer who has a large following on Facebook, Instagram, and/or YouTube, please reach out and get in touch with us:

For Beta Testing Application:

Send an email with the following info to
- Your Name and Contact Info
- Your Website (Optional)
- Your Instagram Account and/or YouTube Account

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