Zoom Portable Digital Recorder Kits

Record interviews, lectures, meetings, podcasts, and music using trusted Zoom products. Never miss a word and share files easily with Zoom audio equipment bundled with Movo accessories.

There are so many ways to record audio nowadays. Laptops and smartphones have their own built-in sound recorders aside from the countless recording apps that you can download in an instant. But if you want to get high-quality voice recordings, a reliable Zoom recorder is your best choice. 

Unlike other devices, digital voice recorders have no moving parts that make a lot of noise. As a result, your interview and meeting audio plays crystal clear, making it easy for you to transcribe it later. Journalists, musicians, lecturers, and podcasters trust digital recorders for features that are specifically made to capture voices accurately.

What are the important things to consider before getting a Zoom recorder?

  • Microphone

Most digital recorders have built-in microphones. Others, like the Zoom H5, have a detachable XY stereo mic that you can replace with a different type of microphone that fits your recording situation. Consider the activities you’ll be doing with your digital recorder to see if its default mic is enough for you. If you do a variety of media, you might want to get a design with interchangeable mic heads so that you can attach a shotgun mic to capture speeches or a stereo mic for other uses.

If you run a podcast, a Zoom recorder with a podcast microphone bundle is recommended. Check out the Movo Zoom H4n PRO, which comes with two handheld microphones. Also consider the Movo Zoom H6 Six-Track Bundle, which has four mics with desktop stands that are perfect for group interviews. Out of our podcast equipment selection, these two top our list for their superior recording performance.

For virtual reality and mixed-reality content, the Zoom H3-VR is your complete solution. It can capture precise 360-degree audio up to 24 bit or 96 kHz. With four built-in mics positioned in an Ambisonic arrangement, it can pick up every howl of the wind and hit of waves to provide realistic high-quality audio to games and other types of immersive media.

  • Audio Recording Format 

Digital recorders can record files as mp3, a compressed format that’s widely used and compatible with any audio player. Waveform audio file (wav) is another popular format. Wav files are uncompressed, which is why we recommend recording music samples in this format to prevent loss in audio quality that you might experience with compressed audio files.

  • Connectivity 

Choose a Zoom recorder that has a USB port or an external memory card slot for easy transferring and sharing of files to your laptop. Some make the mistake of buying a digital recorder without ports and slots. Imagine transcribing interviews while only relying on the recorder’s own playback function. As for storage features, always look for devices with USB ports and SD card slots for versatile transferring of audio files.

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