Vlogging & YouTube Equipment

Find all the best gear to get started on your vlog or YouTube channel, whether you are filming with your smartphone or a professional camera.

Today, it’s easier than ever tobecome an internet star with so many different social media outlets and potential viewers. If you’ve always dreamed of being a YouTube star, why not make it happen?

Starting your own vlog provides you with a platform to share your knowledge and experience with millions of viewers. Once you’ve gained a strong following, you can even start making money off your channel. Vlogging is the most popular type of video on YouTube right now. You’ll be able to connect and engage directly with your fans and use your vlog to grow your subscriber list.

Before you can start raking in the cash on your new vlog, you need to have the proper equipment, including a camera, microphone and recording program. Once you’ve got all the basics, you can start brainstorming what your vlog will be about—makeup, movies, travel—and then start creating!