Movo Outdoor Photography Bundle (Carbon Fiber Gimbal Head, Bean Bag)

  • Take your outdoor zoom photography to the next level with this outdoor shooting setup for your DSLR Camera + Zoom lens
  • Movo GH800 Gimbal Head Features: Carbon Fiber Construction, Gimbal style head with swing arm, Fluid panning and tilting, Aluminum Arca-swiss plate assembly, Supports 30+ LBS
  • Movo THB02 Bean Bag Features: Water-Resistant Camo Top, Rubberized Non-slip Bottom, Removable metal mounting plate with 3/8" thread to mount gimbals & ball heads, Dimensions (LxWxH): 12" x 9" x 10" (**Bag Ships Unfilled**)
  • Perfect setup for photographing nature, wildlife & sports
  • All parts include a 1 year limited warranty with Movo Support based in the USA

This Value Bundle Includes:

Bundle Item#1: Movo GH800 Carbon Fiber Gimbal Head
The Movo GH800 Gimbal Head can hold up cameras weighing over 30 lbs, making it perfect for any photography using large telephoto lenses. Separate locks control the 360° panning base and swinging arm, allowing a full range of motion ideal for covering sporting events, catching birds in flight, or any other fast moving subjects.

The "gravity-balanced" gimbal head makes even the bulkiest camera and lens combos seem almost weightless. The Arca-Swiss-compatible quick-release plate (included) is 120 mm long, providing ample support of most telephoto lenses. For extreme telephoto lenses longer base plates can be easily substituted.

Large, lobed knobs are easy to operate even through gloves or in dark conditions, and numbered scales along the panning base and the vertical arm allow you to easily repeat your setup for various lens and camera combinations. The panning base and vertical arm capable of 360 degree rotation (horizontal and vertical). Additionally, the lens platform can be adjusted up or down by 4" to better accommodate different camera set ups.

Dimensions: 10" x 5.9" x 9.1" (25.3 x 15 x 23.2cm)
Weight: 2.75 LBS (1.25KG)
Max Camera Weight: 33 LBS (15KG)

Bundle Item#2: Movo THB02 Bean Bag
The Movo THB02 Beanbag is a versatile, go-anywhere support for your camera. Designed to be used with or without the integrated 3/8" tripod mount for mounting your gimbal head. The unique U-shape that makes it perfect for mounting on narrow or round surfaces, such as a fence, a car door, or a tree branch. The inside of the "U" is made with a high-grip surface to help it maintain stability no matter where you set up.
Dimensions (LxWxH): 12" x 9" x 10" (30.5 x 22.9 x 25.4cm)

**Bag ships unfilled** Recommended filler is uncooked rice or polystyrene beads

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