Movo AF Macro Extension Tube Set for Nikon DSLR Camera (Metal Mount)

  • Includes 12mm, 20mm & 36mm Automatic Extension Tubes
  • Enables closer focusing (Marco capability)
  • May be used individually or combined
  • Maintains auto focusing
  • Durable aluminum mount

Transform your non-macro lenses into a tool for professional-grade macro photography with the Movo Photo AF Macro Extension Tube Set. Use the extension tubes - 12mm, 20mm and 36mm - individually or together to create the exact magnification you need to capture the perfect macro shot. The longer the tube length the closer the lens can focus.

Macro photography allows extreme close-up shots, enlarging the image subject to many times actual size. Capture nature at its most vivid, lifelike and immediate; photograph insects, plants and flowers, small animals in incredible and dramatic detail; examine textures as never before; explore new boundaries of photography.

The Movo Photo AF Macro Extension Tube Set gives you the tools to reproduce professional-style shots, just like you see in magazines in books. Extension tubes do not contain optics, they simply reduce the normal minimum focusing distance without degrading original optical quality. Conveniently maintain auto-focus at f/5.6 or brighter to ensure a great shot. Aluminum mounts are designed for durability.

Customer Reviews

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Great transaction

Product is well made and works as expected. Shipping was fast.

Good Product, Good Support

When I received my set of three Extension Tubes the largest did not connect the camera and lens, electrically. MOVO responded to my complaint, promptly sent me return shipping. They only requested I send back the faulty element, so I still had the other two to use. The replacement has come and works fine. Good service.

The product is made well of good materials and works well. I'm well satisfied. GOOD Product.

Keep in mind; Auto exposure works as usual, focus is manual only.