Handheld Video Camera Stabilizers & Systems

Keep up with the action using a handy camera stabilizer. Choose from universal handles and pro-level stabilizing systems to shoot fast-moving subjects with ease.

How Handheld Stabilizers Improve Your Videos

One of the most frustrating parts of handheld shooting is keeping the video stable. Vloggers, sports video creators, and travel videographers know how difficult it is to prevent shaking when they’re moving with the camera and chasing the action.

The best solution is to use a handheld video stabilizer. It drastically improves the quality of videos by preventing unwanted movements and keeping the frame straight and steady. Using a system of weights and balancing attachments, the stabilizer makes the camera correct itself smoothly when turned sideways or when you walk on a bumpy road.

There are handheld stabilizers for different kinds of cameras—bigger ones like mirrorless and DSLR, as well as handy smartphones and action cams. Take a look at what these game-changing video equipment can do.

Mirrorless and DSLR Camera Stabilizers

DSLR stabilizers can come as a simple handgrip with an ergonomic padded handle or a collapsible stabilizer like the Movo VH300, whose aluminum build is perfect for recording daring low-angle stunts and extreme sports like skateboarding, skiing, and rafting. Designs like this let you take immersive shots that can make the viewers feel like they’re witnessing the rapid movements first-hand.

For cinematic shoots, choose handheld stabilizers like the Movo VS100. It allows you to achieve professional results with its superb shake-free mechanism. Some tips for using video stabilizers like this: better use prime lenses like a 50 mm, which balances great because of its minimal size and weight. If you’re using a zoom lens, set the focal length beforehand to prevent the balance from throwing off when you make any major setting change.  

Compact Video Stabilizers for Smartphones and Action Cams

For mobile filmmakers and action camera users, universal video stabilizers like the Movo VS01SPGP is an ideal steadicam alternative. It includes all the necessary mounting hardware for most GoPro, iPhone, and Android phone models. Its ball-joint gimbal design optimizes shots by isolating rig movement from user movement, resulting in jiggle-free takes. 

Another smart choice is the Sevenoak MicRig, a bundle consisting of a u-shape camera handle, a built-in mic, a windscreen, and an assortment of adapters, holders, and brackets to accommodate DSLR cams, smartphones, and action cameras. It’s a versatile stabilizer that steadies your shots while capturing broadcast-quality audio.

Save yourself from retakes and always get amazing footage by coming prepared with a
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