Movo LC100-C Lightning & Motion Trigger (Canon EOS)

Movo LC100-C Lightning & Motion Trigger (Canon EOS)

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To capture the fastest, most exciting action use the Movo Photo LC100 Lightning & Motion Trigger. Dual-mode function provides a versatile platform to get amazing shots just like the professionals - set the switch to react to bright flashes of light or motion within the sensor field.

Two modes allow you to capture the most exciting scenes. Use the Movo Photo LC100 Lightning & Motion Trigger in lightning mode for ultra-fast action, including lightning, fireworks and gunshots; use motion mode to snap pictures the millisecond your subject moves. Trying to get these scenes on film without effective equipment is typically an exercise in frustration - this convenient, portable unit eliminates wasted time and effort. Dual modes provide a professional level of versatility and allow you to explore your creativity and take shots as never before.

Provides 0.1 millisecond response, fast enough to capture the most dynamic action. Sensitivity is adjustable: triggers only when you want it to. Comes with 1-year manufacturer warranty.

  • Lightning mode triggers camera for lightning, fireworks or gunshots
  • Motion mode triggers camera when motion is detected
  • Sensitivity adjustment
  • 0.1 millisecond response time
  • 1 Year Warranty