Macro Extension Tubes

Bring out the depth and details of your macro shots. Use an extension tube to make your food, product, and nature photos more spectacular.

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What is an extension tube?

Before talking about what anextension tube is, let’s first define MFD or minimum focus distance. A lens’ MFD measures the closest point an object can be from the camera’s sensor. If your subject is closer to the sensor than the MFD, the lens won’t be able to focus on it. When this happens, you can use anextension tube.

Anextension tube is a piece of photography gear that goes between the lens and camera body to make the MFD smaller. So, you can magnify the subject, achieve focus, and frame the perfect shot.

If you want to try macro photography but can’t invest in a macro lens yet, start withextension tubes orextension rings. They’re affordable, lightweight, and ready to use with your regular lenses. 

How to choose a macro extension tube

Extension rings come in different sizes. Longer tubes like the 36mm enlarge the photo more than shorter varieties like the 12mm and 20mm. You can use them individually or stack them together to increase the magnification level. If you want to have greater focus control, choose longermacro rings or buy them in sets.

Another thing to note is your camera type and brand. We have a wide selection of Canon extension tubes for both DSLR and mirrorless models. We also have Nikon extension tubes, which all come with premium metal mounts. Rings for other popular brands like Sony and Fujifilm are also available as individual tubes or sets of three. 

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