Movo AF 25mm Macro Extension Tube - Canon EOS DSLR (Economy Mount)

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  • Includes 25mm Automatic Extension Tube
  • Enables closer focusing (Marco capability)
  • Maintains auto focusing
  • Economy plastic mount
  • 1 Year Warranty

Transform your non-macro lenses into a tool for professional-grade macro photography with the Movo Photo AF 25mm Macro Extension Tube to create the exact magnification you need to capture the perfect macro shot. The longer the tube length the closer the lens can focus.

Macro photography allows extreme close-up shots, enlarging the image subject to many times actual size. Capture nature at its most vivid, lifelike and immediate; photograph insects, plants and flowers, small animals in incredible and dramatic detail; examine textures as never before; explore new boundaries of photography.

The Movo Photo AF 25mm Macro Extension Tube gives you the tools to reproduce professional-style shots, just like you see in magazines in books. Extension tubes do not contain optics, they simply reduce the normal minimum focusing distance without degrading original optical quality. Conveniently maintain auto-focus at f/5.6 or brighter to ensure a great shot.

Customer Reviews

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Surprisingly good!

I recently got a Canon RP, and am using it with adapted EF lenses. I wanted to try extension tubes with the RF-EF adapter, but did not want to invest in an expensive extension tube set since I was unsure of whether the RF-EF adapter would work at all with any extension tubes (I had prior experience with the Sony E-mount to A-mount lens adapters not working with A mount extension tubes, so I didn't want to take too big a chance on the Canon versions).

Surprisingly enough, this inexpensive extension tube works perfectly with both EF lenses that I have tried it on when used with the RF adapter on the RP. I was actually shocked that it worked flawlessly.

One other nice thing; the interior of the adapter has some flocking material on it to keep internal reflections to a minimum, which I think works better than the fine lines cut into the barrel interior in many of the other adapters.

Since this is an all plastic device, I would probably not recommend it if you are hard on your gear, or use it extensively, but I would heartily recommend it for light use. I actually will probably get the metal mount version at some point, since I do use it extensively, and know that it will work well now on my system, after trying this one. However, for the time being, I am happy with this and extremely pleased that it works so well with the adapted lenses that I am working with now.