Movo GH400 Professional Gimbal Tripod Head with Arca-Swiss Quick-Release Plate

  • Ideal for long telephoto lenses up to 300mm long
  • Fluid panning and tilting through all angles
  • Requires Arca-Swiss center ball-style ball head
  • High-strength, light-weight carbon fiber construction
  • Includes Arca-Swiss Quick Release plate

The MOVO GH400 Carbon Filter Gimbal Head Adapter is ideal for photography involving long, heavy telephoto lenses - such as sports or nature photography. This gimbal head works in conjunction with a standard Arca-Swiss style ball head to allow your camera an unprecedented range of motion. Fluidly pan and tilt through all angles to capture high-flying and quick-moving subjects with ease.

Working with a long lens on a standard ball head or tilt head can be a real struggle, distracting you from the photography. The gimbal head makes the camera and lens seem almost weightless, with vertical and horizontal tracking of moving objects becoming relatively simple - a feat not possible with any other support system. The GH400 fits an Arca-Swiss (or Arca-Swiss compatible) QR clamp on a heavy-duty ball head to swiftly and easily cover any angle.

Arca-Swiss compatible quick-release plate is included.


Read our detailed gimbal head comparison blog post for more information about choosing the right gimbal head for your needs. 

Dimensions: 9.5" x 5.7" x 2.5" (23 x 14.5 x 6.5cm)
Weight: 15.9 oz (450g)
Max Camera Weight: 33 LBS (15KG)

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#GH400 Side Mount Gimbal.

Haven’t had a chance to really use, and test it yet!
(Did find some minor cosmetic flaws in the carbon weave though!? The one looks like a minor bonding agent tiny gap? I hope so anyway? And that it’s not a minor crack?) The whole structure is only as good as it’s weakest point, though! Only time, and use will tell!? [This Gimbal fixture wasn’t a whole lot of money though! And you really only get what you pay for! Only occasionally, a little more?] WJL.

MOVO GH400 Professional Gimbal Tripod Head

This gimbal head is is one of the best I have used.Its light, and works very well. Thank you Movo for giving us a great tool to work with and making affordable.

Movo GH400 gimbal

This is an awesome piece and good for light travels. It saves space and weight. Easy and quick to install on the tripod and moves flawlessly even with a sigma 150-600 sport and a canon 6d mark 2 with battery grip.

Meets my needs

Affordable solution to having a gimbal tripod head to use with my equipment.

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