Movo AEK-Z4 Audio Enhancement Tools Kit (Zoom, Tascam)

Increase the use and adaptability of your Zoom or Tascam digital recorder with this all-purpose accessory kit. The Movo AEK-Z4 Audio Enhancement Tools Kit contains an artificial-fur windscreen, a shock mount, a camera shoe, and padded aluminum hand grip.

The AEK-Z4 Audio Enhancement Kit lets you take your recording to the next level. Expand the usefulness of your digital recorder with the addition of these essential accessories:

  • The artificial-fur windscreen seals your sensitive mic head from wind and obtrusive background noise while still maximizing the sensitivity and audio pick up. The air-tight rubber seal ensures the windshield provides 360-degree wind protection.
  • The shock mount uses a rigid 4-point suspension to keep your recorder steady and secure, whether it's mounted on your camera, boom pole or other rigs.
  • The padded aluminum hand grip provides a comfortable, secure way to bring your recorder in close to the subject. The dense foam padding ensures for a comfortable grip, and the aluminum build ensures a stable connection.

Highlighted Features

  • Includes Furry Windscreen, Suspension Mount, Camera Shoe Adapter and Hand Grip
  • Designed for Zoom and Tascam digital recorders
  • All Parts Covered by a 1 Year Warranty with support based in the U.S.A.