Movo MB700 Universal Single Camera Carrying Vest Holster System

Movo MB700 Universal Single Camera Carrying Vest Holster System

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Movo Photo MB700 Universal Single Camera Carrying Vest Holster System is an outstanding choice for anyone who needs help with fatigue and neck strain from lengthy and physically demanding shoots, including weddings, graduations, extreme sports, PR shoots, and journalism assignments. Rugged, sturdy design holds one or two cameras securely and in position for immediate action. One size fits all.

Fatigue can ruin shots and entire events, making even simple shots impossible. The Movo Photo MB700 Universal Single Camera Carrying Vest Holster System provides comfort and control for extended shooting and during active engagements. Allows for easy movement without restriction, hands-free action (use phone, tablet, etc.) until cameras are needed.

The locking system is secure and designed to hold up to lengthy use, with quick and easy release when required. Backup camera safety straps provide an extra line of protection against accidents, hold cameras securely against your body to eliminate tiring swing. Other systems use neck or shoulder straps which can induce more strain, this system keeps you more comfortable for longer and your equipment safe and accessible.

  • Universal design fits Digital Cameras, DSLR's or Compact Camcorders
  • Secure locking system
  • Perfect for the photographer on the go
  • Backup safety camera strap
  • One size fits all

Customer Reviews

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Movo MB700

Unit works very well and is a great bargain for any camera user. Also very high quality product, like every Movo project I have so far.

Photography enthusiasts

Five stars plus. I am extremely happy with this carrier it has so far met all my expectations. I ordered it becouse I was planning a camping trip with my grandkids, which included hiking and rock climbing. The carrier preformed great held my large framed camera in place as needed for the climbing which for me was not much. The hiking was about ten miles round trip and at the end of the hike my legs had had it, but my neck and shoulders were in fine shape and could go for more! Thanks Movo for a great product at a great price.
One con is that I'm not sure if I had a choice of sizes but the carrier was still a little large for me after I took up all the slack in the shoulders. It was still comfortable and kept my camera in place.
My next project is to fly in an open cockpit biplane and my concern was how to secure my camera to me and the plane. I think this carrier will do the trick! Thanks again Movo.
(Footnote: After reading other reviews I found I didn't need instuctions. It was very easy to figure out. However instructions are good.)

Good product but mine came without instructions for use

This MB700 camera carrier vest was bought from Comments there indicated that it came without instructions for use but was well designed for its purpose. I have the same comment, having worked out how to use it and tried it on with my Lumix FZ200 superzoom camera inserted into the holder channel and connected to the safety strap by installing the provided key ring on the camera's closer shoulder strap eyelet. I have not yet used the vest for photography but expect that it will let me walk around taking photos without getting a sore neck from the camera's weight on its Lumix strap (which I am keeping on the camera for occasional use without the vest and as a secondary protection against dropping the camera while using the vest if I forget to connect the vest's safety strap to the camera). I did not find any provision on the vest for storing the metal key that is provided for tightening the screw of the (carefully-aligned) black plastic vest-contact disk into the tripod screw hole of the camera, but the small hole in its handle enabled me to put it on the cord that attaches my lens cap to the camera so that it will be readily available to re-tighten the screw when it loosens or if I need to remove the disk to mount the camera on a tripod.

Movo MB700

I have used this once, and it did what I needed: Held my Canon DSLR Camera securely while speed hiking, and being easily accessible for photos. It was very reasonably priced for its performance.


A instruction sheet on how to secure a extra camera, what the other strap is for and to use it would really be nice instead of fumbling around trying figure it all out!

We're sorry to hear you didn't receive instructions! We apologize for the inconvenience. You've been emailed the instructions.