Movo MB200 Backpack Camera Holster

Movo MB200 Backpack Camera Holster

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The Movo MB200 Backpack Buddy is an outstanding choice for anyone who needs help with fatigue and neck strain from lengthy and physically demanding shoots, including weddings, graduations, extreme sports, PR shoots, and journalism assignments. Rugged, sturdy design attaches to your existing backpacks straps. Fatigue can ruin shots and entire events, making even simple shots impossible. The Movo MB200 Backpack Buddy provides comfort and control for extended shooting, hiking, camping and athletic sessions.

The locking system is secure and designed to hold up to lengthy use, with quick and easy release when required. Backup camera safety strap provide an extra line of protection against accidents, hold cameras securely against your body to eliminate tiring swing. Other systems use neck or shoulder straps which can induce more strain, this system keeps you more comfortable for longer and your equipment safe and accessible.

  • Attaches to virtually any backpack
  • Secure locking system
  • Perfect for the photographer on the go
  • Backup safety camera strap
  • Also compatible with the Movo MB1000 vest

Customer Reviews

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Backpack camera holder

I have done some hiking now with the MOVO backpack camera holder and am quite pleased with it. While I am still a bit worried about bumping into something and damaging the camera, it certainly is better than having it swing back and forth as I walk. The strap holding the camera to the unit could be a touch longer but it is not terrible the way it is. Overall, however, it frees my hands as I hike and that is a huge plus.

Simply the Best!

I am an adventure trekking guide, specialising in wilderness trekking, and the Movo MB200 Backpack Buddy is without doubt the best piece of kit I have used. It is robust, simple to use, eliminates the annoying swinging of your camera and protects your camera from damage. I have just returned from a 10-day trek with 27 trekkers across the rugged Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea; trekking in this terrain demands quick access to your camera, otherwise the moment is missed - the MB200 ensured that I got some great photos for the trekkers to remember their adventure. I can't speak highly enough of the MB200, it's the perfect accessory for anyone who needs to be 'hands-free' but have ready access to their camera.

Glad I own the MB200!

Hi! I just finished the Rocky Mountain Marathon with Voice of Wilderness outfitters.
It is a 50+ mile backpack trip in the Wimenuche wilderness in Colorado near Pagosa Springs.
I used the MOVO MB200 Universal Camera Holster backpack attachment system to carry my Canon 7D Mark II for 5 days.
I have to say, your product performed spectacularly throughout the entire trip.
I've attached a photo of me with the MB200 on my pack.
You'll notice I used a small piece of paracord to secure the holster to the pack strap in the exact position I wanted it.
My camera/lens combination was heavy enough that friction alone between the MB200 and the pack strap was not sufficient to keep the MB200 in place.
It was great having my camera readily available throughout the entire trip.
Thanks for making the MB200.

Just what I wanted!

I've used it a couple times and it works great. Reduces neck strain and keep some my camera close while hiking. Stays out of the way while scrambling rock faces and allows me to use both hands when needed.

So far so good

I agree with other reviewer, lack of instructions is surprising. I came here looking for a PDF of instructions. It seems mostly intuitive to attach... But I'll only know if I messed up when my camera falls to the ground.
All the attachment points seem secure enough. But my camera does wobble side to side because the apparatus and the strap of my pack keep the camera body some distance from my body. I haven't tried to home yet so I don't know how this will play underway. I am optimistic.