Camera Straps, Cases & Holsters

Protect your camera and stay comfortable even during all-day shoots. Transporting and securing your photography gear have never been easier with durable straps and camera cases.

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When to use camera straps, cases, and holsters

Camera support equipment serves to protect both the gear and its user. Whether you use it to reduce the load on your wrist, relieve weight off your shoulders, or cushion sensitive camera parts against friction and impact, protective gear gives you peace of mind.

But they’re not one-size-fits-all equipment. Different camera holster and case designs have different purposes. For example, the neck strap you’ll need for shooting wedding videos will most likely be different from what you’ll wear on a casual hike in the woods. Picking the right accessories can be confusing, so to help you choose, here’s an overview of what our camera support equipment can do.

Camera Straps

If the generic strap included with your camera does not suit every shooting style you do, get a second  neck strap. That way, you can switch between them whenever the situation requires. Neck straps are generally worn around the neck, but they can also work as a sling strap worn across your body.

Camera Handgrips

If wearing long, loose straps doesn’t give you peace of mind; handgrips or grip straps might be a better choice. Tight-fitting grips enable you to strap your camera around your wrist instead of letting it dangle and swing from your body when not in use.

Camera Cases

Camera cases cover a wide range of protective gear, from anti-scratch silicon sleeves to cushioned camera bags. Good cases keep the camera in pristine condition, especially during transport when damage and soiling can happen. Invest in a waterproof case and made from durable materials with enough padding to absorb shock and blows.

Camera Holsters

Holsters also answer specific shooting styles and situations. If you have to switch between two cameras, a belt holster with multiple pockets or mounting hubs will let you do so. Backpack camera holsters can be used for the same purpose. The difference is that they are attached around the shoulder area rather than the waist, which is ideal if you don’t want additional carrying systems while wearing a backpack. Lastly, vest holder systems feature pockets for extra lenses, as well as safety straps for holding the camera securely against your body. Some camera vests have an extended aluminum arm, a piece of equipment that lets you take floating shots smoothly.

Tips for choosing the best accessories for your camera

The quality of the materials used is essential. They have to be safe for both you and your gear, so soft, durable materials like neoprene are great for camera bags. Neck straps should ideally have anti-friction qualities to prevent them from chafing against your skin. For handgrips, built-in silicon pads will add comfort around the palm and wrist. For holsters and vests, check how secure and adjustable harness is.

Find these features and more in our collection of affordable and high-quality camera straps, cases, grips, and holsters.