Movo CB50 Stretchable Neoprene Camera Case (Short Zoom DSLR Lens)

  • Elastic padded neoprene cover fits snugly over your camera for protection
  • Provides extra protection when traveling
  • Fits most standard SLR's with a short lens
  • Includes detachable lanyard
  • 1 Year Warranty

Provide extra protection for your equipment with the Movo Photo CB50 Stretchable Neoprene Camera Case for DSLR Cameras (Short Zoom). Stylish and functional, this case provides a snug protective fit that absorbs bumps and scuffs; water-resistant to help reduce splash danger. Single-piece design is simple to use and versatile enough to fit a range of popular cameras.

Use the Movo Photo CB50 Stretchable Neoprene Camera Case for DSLR Cameras whenever a little extra protection is needed, including in the field, traveling, during extended storage periods, in the car, etc. Case is lightweight and designed for quick open-close access. Neoprene fabric is durable and built to last. Convenient protection of your equipment is a must, this case delivers the most bang for your buck available anywhere.

This case is designed to fit most standard short-lens SLRs, lens attachments and camera accessories may require separate storage. Detachable lanyard included, for extra security and convenience.

Customer Reviews

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"works like a charm"

Got it in 2016, and still going strong. No tears, rips, stretches, nothing. Zip, zilch, nana. I use it with D series camera, it's on it right now Never leave home without it. Great accessory for DSLR. Oh! I didn't get it for free, I paid for it. So my review is honest, and legit review.