Movo VH300 Collapsable Aluminum Video Stabilizer Handle

Movo VH300 Collapsable Aluminum Video Stabilizer Handle

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Movo Photo VH300 Collapsable Aluminum Video Stabilizer Handle is perfect for on-the-go action use and extreme sports applications: skateboarding, skiing, racing, BMX, boating, action stunts and more. Allows daring, immersive low-angle shots and creative perspectives. Steadies shots during fast pans and rapid movement, resulting in better image quality. Helps eliminate fatigue: lightweight grip is comfortable, turns awkward shooting positions into natural ones, and adjusts on the fly. Get creative, explore new subjects, inject unparalleled movement and vitality into your shots.

The Movo VH300 is constructed from solid aluminum, will safely support up to 15 lbs without buckling or give and features a convenient shoe mount to mount microphones, lights and other accessories.

  • Solid Aluminum Construction - Supports up to 15 LBS without buckling or give
  • Fully Collapsible - Folds down to a compact 9.5" x 5.5" x 1.5" and weighs just 1.2 LBS
  • Padded Foam Handgrip
  • Camera attaches via 1/4" Tripod Mount (Also tripod mountable)
  • Features a standard shoe mount to attach microphones, recorders or lights