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Hold your camera secure and comfortable around your body. Find quality camera straps that fit with your shooting style.

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What kind of camera strap do you need?

Camera straps protect your gear and keep you comfortable. Use them to relieve the load around your arms, reduce the weight off your shoulders, or pad sensitive camera parts against impact and friction. Mirrorless and DSLR camera straps come in different designs with different purposes. Check out what each type can do to help you choose the right strap to buy.

Camera Neck and Shoulder Straps

When you get a new camera, it usually comes with a branded neck strap. Ideal designs have rubberized parts for preventing friction around your nape area. If the generic one included with your camera is not comfortable, get a new one that suits your body or shooting style better. Consider a camera neck strap that has cushions or an extra-long one that you can adjust and wear across your body as a shoulder strap

Camera Hand Grips and Wrist Straps

If you’re afraid of scratching and bumping your camera while wearing long, loose straps, wrist straps or hand grips might be a better choice. They give better peace of mind because they hold the camera tight and close around your hand instead of letting it swing from your body when not in use. 

Camera Belt Holsters

Belt straps usually have holsters or pockets where you can put your camera, extra lens, and other photography gear. They’re great if you have to switch between two cameras or lenses. Some holster belts have a mounting plate, similar to a tripod, where you can directly attach your camera. Others are more complexly engineered as part of aprofessional on-body stabilizing system.

Spot these features when choosing a camera strap

Camera support accessories and safety gear should be durable and easy to use. Make sure that your gear is reliable by looking for these qualities:

  • Quality materials - Leather gives a premium feel, while neoprene and nylon are durable.
  • Comfort features - Soft materials like neoprene and silicone help protect you from muscle pain, especially during long shoots. Anti-friction qualities like rubber prevent chafing. 
  • Safety locks - Secure, adjustable, and quick-release harness and locking systems are ideal, particularly for camera belt holsters.

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